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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 1


Greetings to Your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family! We continue to pray for the 'Apifo'ou Family at the end of February and the beginning of the month of March, as we approach the 3rd of week our Lenten journey.

Admin Briefs

The fifth week at the college has been eventful! While the focus is on our coverage of various subjects, extra-curricular activities also run parallel but equally relevant.

AFC Career Day

The Career Day for the college was held yesterday. We applaud the combined efforts of the school's Board and PTA which allowed us all to witness the huge success of the event yesterday.

Several government departments and private sectors put up their respective booths and displayed their unique services and products in the college hall. The Chief Guest was the CEO of the Public Service Commission, Mrs. Victorina Afeaki Kioa. She was the Head Girl of Apifo'ou in 1987. In fact there was a strong presence of ex-scholars in almost all the Departments and Sectors that were represented yesterday. The Chief Guest shared her experiences going through Apifo'ou under the guidance of the Priests and Religious. The Theme of the Career Expo was "Pathway to Success - Start Your Engine Now!" Victorina praised the efforts of the college towards conducting this annual event.

The event was mutually enjoyed by the government Departments, Private Sectors, PTA, and the teachers and students of the college.

Seen here above is the Director of MEIDECC, Mr. 'Aloisio Fifita, an ex-scholar of AFC. Below is another ex-student, Mr. Sione Tausinga, who is about to re-enter USP to do his doctorate on Renewable Energy in relation to Climate Change.

Seen above is the Director of Nishi Trading, Mr. Minoru Jr. He shared his passion about working the land and thus encouraged students to venture into this field which will secure a bright future for their families and the nation. Seen below is AFC School Board member, Mr. Stan Moheloa, delivering the Vote of Thanks.

The Government Ministry called MEIDECC is filled with AFC ex-students: Seen here above and below are 'Aloisio, Kelelia, and 'Oto'ota with some of the Form 7 students.

Weekly Eucharist

The school Mass this week was a bit special because we inducted the remaining Prefects for the college from Form 7 and a few who were absent during the first induction ceremony. The most senior staff members were honoured to do the badging of Prefects: Ms. Fololeni Fatai, Makalita Kiutau, Singa Kaifoto, Timote Solo, etc.

Seen below are the Prefects going through their fortnightly meeting with a SWOT Analysis to evaluate their roles and to motivate them.

Athletics Squad

The Athletics Squad continues to focus on their training. There'll be an additional number of athletes joining camp this week. The athletes are guided by Taniela Kapeta and we're blessed to have former stars and ex-students to help with the training: Taniela, Tali & Patiola, Talatala Po'oi, Kuli Kivalu, Collin Siale, etc.

It's always affirming to the school's athletes when teachers join them in training including the Principal!

The athletes joined the Zumba sessions which are held in the College Hall every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5AM. All are welcome to join!

Generous support: one of our ex-students, Mr. Manase Siua, who hails from Eua has been very generous to us in these past few years. For three years now we're been buying a beast from him and he sent them from 'Eua. Of course we pay him with whatever we can but the size of the beast he sent should have costed much more.

The athletes are always excited knowing that they will have a piece of steak in some of their meals. Malo fau e fie tokoni Manase!

PTA Visitation

The PTA Executive Committee continue to visit the different Parishes for consultation. This week they covered Houmakelikao and Kauvai. Next week it will be Houma, Hihifo and Pea to round off their visitation. It has been wonderful interacting with parents and listening to their concerns and hopes for their children at AFC.

It's wonderful to see Parish Priests joining the sessions. Seen below in the middle is Fr. Simione, Parish Priest of Houmakelikao with some of the parents.

Dental Clinic

The Kilisitina Pome'e Dental Clinic continues to serve the students who need dental treatments. This week the dentists from Vaiola Hospital in town carried out dental checks of the Level 1 students here at the college, thanks to our dental clinic.

Vava'u Trip

Over the weekend I traveled with Sakopo Lolohea as part of the mandate by the Ex-Students' Executive Committee to visit the outer islands. This is part of the efforts to consult with parishioners regarding the fundraiser for the college's new Chapel.

There was a cordial atmosphere as Sakopo presented the plans and progress of the fundraising drives for the new Chapel. Vava'u is renown for their 'mafana' and free-spirited-generosity! The Parish Priest Fr. 'Enosi assured us that they'll try and collect the designated amount assigned to them. Malo e 'ofa mo e fie tokoni Vava'u!

Seen above is the Chairperson of the Vava'u Parish Council, Mr. 'Uto Afuhia and fellow Council members.

I was happy to meet up with the pilot of our Lulutai flight, Mr. Konrote, a former Marist Brothers' student in Suva. He still remembers their Tour of Cawaci in 2015 with their unbeaten team where our St. John's boys gave them their first taste of defeat!

While in Vava'u we were able to visit St Peter's Chanel College at Kelana. We were just in time for their athletic training so we were obliged to buy them refreshments! Seen below is Kelana still looking glorious at its unique location above Puatalefusi.

Mrs. 'Emelita Fe'ao (RIP)

On Tuesday, the college Brass Band and Level 3 students attended the funeral of Mrs. Emelita Fe'ao, the beloved wife of the late Tevita Fe'ao, a former Music teacher at Apifo'ou for many years.

Seen below at extreme right is Pelenatita Fe'ao standing next to her Dad's grave. RIP


Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your generous support to our beloved Alma Mater, 'Apifo'ou College.

May the good Lord through the intercession of His Blessed Mother continue to bless the Apifo'ou Family as we begin this third week of Lent.

Viva AFC!


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