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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Trust this finds you all and your respective families in good health despite the ongoing threat from COVID-19.


This is week 5 of Term 2. Teachers and students alike are picking up momentum with their coverage as we build up for our Mid-Year exams. We have 3 more weeks of classes, revision for 1 week, and then we embark on the exams which will begin on the 9th of June.

Meanwhile, different subjects in the senior Forms are currently doing their Internal Assessments (IA's). All teachers in the senior classes are reminded that the IA's are the ideal leverage for students in order to pass the external exams. They should therefore make sure that every student in those forms are accorded with the necessary assistance to at least obtain decent marks from every exercise they are engaged in. These activities are being conducted in the true spirit of collaboration and goodwill, irrespective of the stratified level of competency among students.

AFC Botanical Garden:

The college will have another working session for an hour this Friday. The next stage is to fill all the tires with top soils and then cover with grasses cut by the slasher (mulching) to keep the soil and surface moist. The sandalwood trees are still in the infancy stage so we're doing everything possible to ensue they grow well.

Construction Works:

The 2 new classrooms at St. Mary's campus at the north side are shaping up as well. The roof is complete (photo 006), and they are preparing to cement the verandas (photo 010).

The Science Labs are also brightening up with the painting currently being applied (photos 016 & 017). We've made some strong requests to LEO contractors to try and complete the work so that the Science Dept can start their laid back tasks and labs.


The college continues to observe all the restrictions mandated by Govt and MoH. Social distancing is still observed in the classrooms and we have yet to conduct general assemblies and Masses.

On this Memoria of Our Lady of Fatima, we commend to our Blessed Mother the entire family of 'Apifo'ou.

Viva AFC!


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