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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Brief

A special part of this week's program was dedicated to the preparations, rituals, and burial ceremony for the late Sitani Paulo. Takuilau and 'Apifo'ou College combined their efforts and resources to accord Sitani the fitting farewell that he rightly deserves. Last Friday Takuilau had their Mass and Induction of Prefects. The late Sitani Paulo even though he wasn't well still made it to Church to fulfill his role as Principal by addressing the school. Little did anyone know it would be his last.

When I received the call that Sitani had collapsed in Church, I rushed to the hospital but got there late. However, I conducted my priestly duty to Sitani and anointed him in administering the Last Rites while surrounded by the people he loved the most.

Seen above are the staff and students awaiting the arrival of Sitani from Takuilau. Below, the Marist Family ready to present their gifts and offer prayers with the family.

Below, the Marist Rugby Club performed their last act in honor of their former mentor and coach.

Prefects' Leadership Workshop

Seen above is Fr. 'Aisake Silatolu leading our Prefects in their Leadership workshop. We're indeed very grateful that he was available to facilitate this important event for our student leaders which was held at the Folaha Catholic Church.

Shannon Frizell's Project

As mentioned in earlier updates, the current All Black Shannon Frizell has gathered funds along with help from some friends for this project. The reconstruction of the fence damaged by the tsunami waves is led by Pila Havili, plus our maintenance crew and TVET students.

St. John's Boat

One of our ex-students, 'Aliki, has asked for a special blessing to name his fishing boat after St. John. At the rear of the boat, 'Esto Fidelis' is painted on it. I had the honour of blessing the boat and enjoyed the first trip around the wharf. Go 'St John'!

World Ocean Day

The HOD for Geography, Ms. Mele Leakona, led some students to be part of the celebrations to mark World Ocean Day last week. Meanwhile, the faithful Ms. Fololeni Fatai, shown below, is still enjoying teaching English to the Form 6 students.


As seen in this update, it has indeed been a hectic week, yet we're pushing ahead with the coverage of our syllabus. Our sincere gratitude to all of you for your prayers and support during this sad week due to the untimely loss of a beloved and proven companion with a record of tireless service to our Catholic schools. RIP Sitani.

Viva AFC!


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