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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 3


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is week 5 of the 3rd Term and evidently time is really flying! We're well beyond the halfway mark and it's the first week of August.

~ Afternoon Study: According to our Annual Plan 2020, we aim to complete all coverages for the exams' Forms by the end of July. That will allow us to commence the afternoon classes in this first week. Unfortunately, a few departments have admitted to me that they weren't able to fulfill that demand. I just hope they won't blame it all on the COVID-19!

The primary purpose for the exercise is Revision and Remedial. However, it appears that some teachers will still attempt to complete their coverage in the first couple of weeks. Frankly, it may still serve the purpose behind conducting these afternoon classes as it allows teachers to iron out certain relevant topics and concepts.

We prepare light refreshments for the students and teachers to have them straight after school at 3.30 PM. This will help to reactivate their brains before re-entering the classrooms for two solid hours of classes (photos 027 & 031). Our Kava Club at the college, mainly teachers and a few ex-students, provides the refreshments this week for about 400 students. Since the weather is a bit chilly in the evening, we prepared a hot lemon leaves cuppa with fried cakes! The parishioners of Ma'ufanga will look after next week and the roster will continue to other parishes. The teachers involved in the afternoon study are paid $30 an hour. This is a standard payment for teachers who are engaged in such exercises.

Phase 2 Constructions Work:

The Ca'Bella contractors have begun construction on Monday and the excitement among the college community is mounting! B4 will have 4 new classrooms (St. Thomas Block). B5 opposite the Gas Depot will have 2 renovated classrooms, and B7 will have 4 renovated classrooms. All in all, we'll have 10 extra classrooms next year!

The TVET section is using the recycled roofing irons that we removed last Saturday to patch up the roof of the Engineering garage facing Bosco's Hall at Petia.

AFC Botanical Garden:

We're collecting fruit and timber trees plus 'ahi' or sandalwood for the second phase. We're eternally grateful to the Environment Dept. for donating 250 plants to us this week (photo 014). The plants are kept at the green house for the Agriculture Science Department, ready to be transplanted in designated areas.

I may have mentioned earlier that our request for contribution from the NZ High Com was declined unfortunately. Hence, we're having a mufti-day tomorrow and every staff and student will donate $1 to buy more plants for our botanical project.


There's not a second to rest after the opening of the seven new classrooms. Hange ko e lau 'a e kau fangota, "Tau tuli'i ai leva e koa na'a toe mole e fo'i monu ko eni!" Let's not waste anymore time but to keep at it while we have the chance!

Thank you, one and all, for your continuous support for our beloved college AFC.

Viva AFC!


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