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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the 5th week of the final Term for this year. The focus is entirely on exams' preparations. Apart from Mathematics department who are still trying to complete their syllabus coverage, the rest is engaged in Revision and Remedial classes.

The Level 6 continue with the Afternoon Study program. A morale boost to the program occurred last Saturday as the Global Radio Apifo'ou conducted a fund-raising drive to help with the program. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our Coordinators, 'Unaloto & Fonomanu Lolohea who orchestrated the event. A big thank you and vinaka vakalevu to our global Radio Hosts: Nunu Huhane from the US, Moleni Sime from Hawaii, Angina Lapa from Sydney, Mikaele Kama from Queensland, and Lisiate Masi from Melbourne. Similar acknowledgment goes out to Rev. Lauleti Tu'inauvai & Manusiu and President Ta'utapu Koula from Melbourne, Silila Bell from Fiji, and Soana from Aotearoa.

Agricultural Science

The students are being reminded that Food Security is in a global crisis today. Hence, they are taught to utilize all the skills that they learn to be self-reliant. Seen below are the students attending to their projects.

Otago University STEM Project

You may recall from previous updates that 7 Secondary Schools throughout Tonga were selected to pilot this project. All the Catholic Schools are part of that thanks to Dr. Moata'ane, Associated Professor at the university. I hope she's not being biased as she's an ex-student of Takuilau! Seen here is Dr. Moata'ane and a colleague from Otago visiting the college.

Free Internet WiFi

The Levels 6 & 7 staff and students are enjoying their free Internet WiFi thanks to the donation from the Executive Committee from Sydney. The newly established internet provider Wantok has completed the wiring and installing of the system.

Alumni 83

It has been reported earlier that the Alumni 83 has begun the full renovation of the first classroom of the St. John's Block. Tu'ihoua Kalu and his beloved wife are leading the work with the help of some of the soldiers from the Touliki Naval Base. They have completed the repairs to the ceiling. They're now painting the whole room and they plan to lay the tiles next week. Malo 'aupito e 'ofa lahi mo e tokoni.

Queen Salote International Wharf

It's customary now that the Hon. Prime Minister calls upon me to conduct the blessing of different Projects, especially if the funding Agency is from overseas. On Wednesday I had the honour of officiating at the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Renovation of the Queen Salote International Wharf.

Without wishing to be overly shrewd, I used the occasion to remind the PM of some projects that I've written and requested from him for Apifo'ou! I reminded him of our request to be part of the Chinese Housing Aid now currently undertaken. Frankly, I need at least 3 new Staff Quarters for our teachers! It was for that reason I became a good friend of Mr. Bainimarama in Fiji, for he knew that everything I did at Cawaci was for the betterment of the school and the future of Fiji who attend school there.

Marist Family

It's always a joy to see our Marist confreres returning home for the holidays. Recently, Fr. Kelekolio Misiloi, someone who is no stranger to 'Apifo'ou, paid us a visit.

Ex-students' Visit

Time and again some of our ex-students continue to pay us a surprise courtesy visit. The President of the Ex-students Association in Queensland, Mr. Mikaele Kama, visited us recently. This week, another Committee member Mr. Kamaliele Fifi Papani also visited us and had a chance to talk to the whole school. Malo e si'i manatu'ofa.

Agriculture Project

Our agriculture project is shaping up well. The taro is growing really well thanks to the heavy downpours interceded by St. Joseph! We've planted alongside the taro 2 acres of cassava. We're now planting 1 acre each of kumara and Futunian taro. Right around the fence within the 8 acres of land, we're planting 'Pele'. I believe we'll be able to cater for the feeding of Sports Teams come next year and of course this will save up a few seniti from the school's meagre budget.


Once again, may I extend to you all our sincerest gratitude for all your prayers and support for 'Apifo'ou.

Viva AFC!


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