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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is week 5 and currently, the Forms 1 - 4 are sitting their final exams (photo 034).

~ The Forms 5's and 6's are taking turns to take part in their Prayer Day at Lilo, Veitongo. Yesterday, the Form 5's students and staff gathered at Lilo for their prayer day (photo 031). Today is Form 6's turn. We're indeed very grateful to St. Katy-Aan Kanongata'a SOLN for making herself and the facility available for our staff and students. This activity is part and parcel of their holistic formation. The staff and students know too well that without God all the efforts and hard work of the year will be futile. They're using the month of the Rosary to pray with Mary so that God may bring to fruition all their efforts for 2020.

St. Mary's Chapel:

The Chapel is 99.9% complete. We're awaiting a slab of marble stone sent by James Raass and family from the US for the head of the altar. While we're waiting for the contractors with suggestions from James and the family to build two rows of bricks that will be filled with top soil (photo 037). Eventually, this will be a flowerbed which is part of the beautification process for the Chapel.

We're eternally grateful to James and family for this great act of charity. Surely, the legacy of their beloved mom Makasini will live on here for a very long time. Once the chapel is complete, it will be blessed and re-consecrated. The college can then utilize it for Mass, adoration, or even quiet reflection and meditation for students.

Construction & Reconstruction work:

The 3 buildings are progressing well.

~ B4 is the old St. Tomasi block with 4 new classrooms. Photo 029 is the new-look building with the roof completed yesterday.

~ B5 is the two classrooms directly opposite the Gas Depot. Photo 003 shows the final stage of fixing all the strappings and getting it ready for roofing.

~ B7 building is the 4 classrooms that run parallel to the St. Tomasi block. The roof was completed yesterday as well.

As a token of appreciation our Lalo Kasia Kava Club prepared a special lunch for the Ca'Bella workers yesterday. The President, Mr. Laimoto Sakalia, was instrumental in organizing this activity. He reckons that it'll be a morale boost to the workers so that they can speed up their work!!

Container from Aotearoa:

The container from our Aotearoa Ex-students has been cleared through Customs and as I type this it's on its way to the college. I'll show more photos and details of its contents in the next update.

Fr. Line has given direction that light bulbs, about 2,000 of them, are to be distributed to other Catholic schools and parishes.


We continue to sing with Mary her Magnificat, thanking God for the diverse blessings that come via different people and organizations. Malo e 'ofa mo e tokoni ki hotau kolisi 'ofa'anga.

Please keep our students in your prayers during this time of exams.

Viva AFC!


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