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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 1


Lenten greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family! We're in the 3rd week of Lent and the challenge is to remain faithful to the three disciplines of Prayer, Fasting, and Acts of Charity.

Admin Briefs

This is the 6th week and the focus is on the efforts to prepare well the students for the 1st Assessment in week 8. At the same time, the Recollection Day for all Levels began this week. This is a vital part of our preparations for the Holy Week. Levels 1 - 3 had theirs this week and the senior Forms next week.

The RE Department are working closely with the Level Coordinators to plan the activities. It's encouraging that Guest Speakers from outside are willing when invited to be part of the program. The Priests from the Ma'ufanga Parish have been more than generous to accept the invitation to assist. Coupled with the celebration of the Eucharist every Friday, the college is preparing well for the upcoming celebration of the Paschal Mystery of our Lord.

We're delighted that Fr. Tomasi Sili is still awaiting his Work Permit to take up his appointment at the Tutu Training Center in Taveuni, Fiji. He makes himself available to celebrate the weekly Mass at the college.

The students looking after the Liturgy for the Mass also collect gifts for the Offertory. Seen below is the offertory procession.

Recollection Program

The Level 1 started on Tuesday. One important feature in this program is that an opportunity is given to Sr. Kalala Kiutau SM to conduct first a debriefing session with the children in relation to the recent volcanic eruption and the pandemic.

Form 7

There are 25 AFC Form 7 students enrolled for the Foundation and Full Preliminary Programs at the University of the South Pacific. It's great to see the Coordinator of the program Ms. Mele Leakona trying to keep track on the progress of the students.

AFC Athletic Squad

The college Athletic Squad will march into camp this weekend. Since there was no Inter-House Sports the athletes were selected from the previous years and volunteers. Unfortunately, we might not have gathered all our best athletes, but we'll have to make do with what we have now. We're appealing to all ex-students and friends of the college who may wish to contribute to the training and feeding of the Squad! Any help in whatever form or kind will be much appreciated.

St. Mary's Chapel

Final touches are applying to the St. Mary's Chapel as the countdown begins to the opening day. The tentative program is that the ceremony will take place on the 30th of this month. James Raass, the husband of the late Makasini Paini, will arrive with the family next week as they'll be part of this important event. The family has funded most of the reconstruction works with the help of Mrs. Vai'ufia and her Alumni group.

Tupou Tertiary Institute Trainees

Two Teacher trainees from TTI have spent three weeks with us doing their Practicum. Tevita Faupula and Heilala Mahu'inga shared a farewell lunch with the teachers. Each year we have trainees from TTI and we're grateful indeed for their contribution even though they're still in training.

AFC Career Day

As part of the prescribed activities from the Synod 2023, a Career Day is being co-organised by the Board, PTA and Ex-students. This will be held on the 14th of April and it's envisaged that another one will be organised before the year ends.

We find Ngutulei Restaurant an ideal meeting place! All that's left is a good Sponsor!

St. John's Block

The good Samaritan's project at the St. John's Block has moved to the second classroom, much to the delight and appreciation of the staff and students. Seen below is 'Isitokia enjoying a laughter with Mrs. Gwen 'Ahohako, the Home Room Teacher.

Ciora Bar

The latest Karaoke Bar in the heart of Nuku'alofa was officially opened last night. It's located right opposite the main Western Union Branch in town. You cannot miss it because it exhibits Mary and Apifo'ou colours! We congratulate the Chairperson of the school's Board, Mr. Frank Halafihi, for yet another colourful milestone added to the success of the family business.

The Patron of the Bar is Mr. Soane Patita Laitia who joins in the singing of every song!

The first Karaoke song was sung by 'Asela jr while her namesake and Frank danced to the music!


Please accept our sincere gratitude for your continuous prayers and support for our beloved school. May the Good Lord continue to rain down His abundant blessings upon all of you and your families.

Viva AFC!


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