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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

The focus for this week is ongoing coverage of the syllabus. The exam's Forms 5 & 6 are occupied with trying to complete their Internal Assessments (IA). Seen here in the photo are the Form 5 students doing their Oral English Test.

Here you can see the Agriculture Science students mounting their nurseries and ready to plant their lettuce veges!

As part of their efforts to complete their Music Task, the Brass Band members have been very creative in how they decorate and make a 'face-lift' to their classroom! They now have new lino carpet, tapa-cuts, white boards, etc. The only not-so-new items in the room are their band instruments!!

The Form 7 students are frequenting the Library for their research projects. Our library now has an up-to-date and diverse Reference Section which attracts students at all levels. More variety of reading materials such as novels, etc are being issued by staff and students for reading. Furthermore, the library has modern and cosy couches and armchairs from NZ which are tempting for the late nights!

Enrichment Program:

One of the new strategies to bridge Literacy and Numeracy defects among the Forms 1 & 2 is progressing very well. Thanks to Ms. Singa Kaifoto & Mr. Pila Afeaki, they now have different groups of students. They start an hour earlier than the rest, during recess, and after school, focusing on reading and basic Maths.

Quiz Team:

The school's Quiz Team lost out to Tonga High School yesterday at the semifinal. Like the previous one, they were very good in subject questions but were let down in some basic general and environmental queries such as the name of the plant where tapa is made from. One of our members answered 'breadfruit'! They'll now face Liahona next Wednesday for the 3rd place playoff.

I told them to hold their heads high as they have done brilliantly well. We're so proud of these Form 4 students and already they've moved up to a superior level in the course of their preparation and participation in such activities.


The different grades in rugby, netball, and soccer are picking up the momentum with their training. It's also wonderful to see senior teachers and former rugby stars such as Folau Pofaiva & Ha'amonga Tu'ipulotu coaching Grade 1.

The senior 1XV had a friendly game against the Marist Team yesterday as part of their preparation for the opening of the season next Friday. You can see the co-coach Fangatapu 'Apikotoa barking orders from the sideline.

As mentor for the Team my task is to deal with the discipline, mental and spiritual preparations of the Squad. A core activity in this department is the celebration of the Eucharist every Wednesday.


May I take this opportunity to extend to you all our sincere gratitude for your continuous support for our beloved College, 'Apifo'ou.

Viva AFC!


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