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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 6 of Term 2 and I'd like to think that we're back to normal even though we're still observing some of the guidelines from the MoH. Today was quite unique as the Apifo'ou Family marked the 80th birthday of our most senior teacher, Ms. Fololeni Fatai. It is a real milestone for any teacher to reach 80 while still active in the teaching profession.

Seen above and below is the Deputy Principal Kaunga Taulua lighting the candles while the birthday lady contemplates her wish before blowing out the candles.

Seen below are the students singing their hearts out during Mass and especially the birthday song for Ms. Fololeni.

School Assembly

The college conducted its first general assembly this week and today we celebrated Mass together as a college. It's important for the staff and students to experience some degree of normalcy which will increase their level of confidence.

RAT Test

We're very grateful to the ex-students from Aotearoa for donating the TAT Test equipment to the college. It has indeed become handy as anyone who feels sick during school hours will now be administered the test. Our Office Staff have been trained to carry our this important service when needed.

COVID-19 Prevention

The college is grateful for the many donations that have come from different NGO's and friends of the college. The MEIDECC, MORDI, and Caritas Tonga have offered more masks, sanitizers and other items this week. Malo lahi e 'ofa mo e tokoni.

Kilisitina Pome'e Dentistry

You may have recalled from previous updates that the late Director of TOML, Kilisitina Pome'e, was very supportive of her former school. The organization TOML (Tonga Offshore Mining LTD) has donated $5,000 toward the construction of the Dentistry for the school. This is part of the clinic and it'll be very beneficial for the college. Below are the TVET's staff Fetaiaki and Filipe checking the work by students.

Sitani Paulo's Family

Yesterday, the widow Selina and the children Paulo, 'Akesa, Lavinia & Nate visited us at Apifo'ou. They presented food items and koloa as a token of their gratitude for all that we did for the funeral of their beloved Dad, Sitani. Frankly, this was an unnecessary gesture but I suppose they're just fulfilling their traditional duties.


May I extend to you all on behalf of the Apifo'ou Family in Tonga our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support for our beloved school.

Viva AFC!


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'Ofa mo e faka'apa'apa mei he Kolisi Tutuku 'Apifo'ou Kuinisilani ki he Tangata ko Sitani Paulo. 'Ofa ke ke toka 'i he nonga mo e fiemalie 'a e tangata ngaue.


Thank you 'Ekuasi for the update. Respect and birthday greeting from AFC Queensland to Ms Fololeni Fatai. 'Ikai ke kei ma'u 'a e fa'ahinga kakai pehe ni; 'a e mateaki mo e 'ofa fonua moe Siasi. 💙Sending you all a blue 'Apifo'ou heart.

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