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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 3


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is week 6 of the 3rd Term. The focus for this week is ongoing coverage for all Forms. The senior classes are wrapping up their coverage and shifting gear to revision and remedial. We do have two more weeks before the next Assessment.

~ Afternoon Study: The afternoon classes are going well and it's great to see the senior students taking advantage of these extra efforts by the teachers to help them prepare well for the exams. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mon. Lutoviko Finau and the Ma'ufanga Parish for providing the refreshments for the students this week. As you can see from photo 022, close to 400 students are enjoying the hot cuppa with cakes and buns before they return to class for 2 more solid hours (photo 001).

New Innovations:

There is ongoing dialogue with our ex-student Executives from the US to set up a Radio 'Apifo'ou Station right here at the college. Our President there, Mr. Francis Kolo and Secretary Mr. Rodney Halapio, have been instrumental in this exciting project.

Meanwhile, ongoing dialogue continues to establish Digital & E-Learning. A colleague and personal friend from England, Mr. Ciaran Clerkin, has been instrumental in providing the professional background to this project. Together with our own experts in this field such as Mr. Ilaiasi 'Ofa and others, we'll pursue this project with a view to assisting our students to broaden the horizon of their understanding in the world of modern technology.


Our librarian, Mrs. Seini Kisina, is delighted with the generous donations to the library. Indeed, the library is shaping up well (photo 020). Our sincere gratitude goes to Fr. Line and our ex-students in NZ for the shelves and tables. The junior classes have begun to use the library for their reading skills.

Construction & Reconstruction work:

~ Both B4 & B7 buildings are seen in photo 014. St. Thomas building has been demolished for it to be built anew. In the background you can see the building labelled B7, which is the second building to be reconstructed. It has 4 classrooms.

~ The B5 building, opposite the Gas Depot, has 2 classrooms and it will also be reconstructed (photo 004). I've been informed by the boss of the Ca'Bella contractors that they have enough workers to work on all 3 sites at one time. This means that it will speed up their work and may well complete the work before the school year ends.

Generous contribution:

Yesterday, Mrs. Malia Takau from Willy Borealis Com donated natural paper tissues to be utilized by the staff and students for hand-drying (photo 016). We're indebted to Malia and family for this kind gesture to the college. Malo e 'ofa!


Over the years, we have learned to be grateful for all the generous support for the college. Furthermore, we've also learned to accord a similar level of gratitude to all donors, big or small. Ko e koloa pe 'a 'Apifo'ou ko e fakamalo! Malo e manatu 'ofa.

Viva AFC!


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