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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This week marks the end of formal classes except the Form 7 of course whose semester 2 continues. Every teacher can safely say that it's up to the students now to put into good use what they have absorbed and digested throughout the year, and put them into the expected forms of writing on their respective exam papers.

This week has also been a successful one for Apifo'ou. Our Cheering Squad won 1st Prize of $3,000 in the Digicel Cheering competitions for the Mate Ma'a Tonga! The CEO for Digicel and colleagues came to school on Wednesday to present the cash prize. It was also another opportunity for the college to display once again their winning item. This time there was more gusto as the whole school joined the fun!

Choir Competition

On Wednesday evening the college Choir took out 1st Place in the competition. The Choir has won the same competitions for three consecutive years now. This cash prize of $2,000 will go into the Brass Band's fund. Mighty congrats to the composer Mr. Haukinima Mafi from Ha'asini. I told him that he needs to win another seven more choir competitions for his name to be added to that of AFC legendary composers!

Seen below is our Co-Choir and Band Master, Mr. Sipinoti Moimoi, introducing the college's theme song. They had to perform again at Tailulu where the awarding ceremony took place.

Seen below is the school's Head Prefect, Fe'ao Mo e Lotu, receiving the awards from the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Samiu Vaipulu.

Afternoon Study

The Level 6 staff and students shared a special meal yesterday to mark the end of the Afternoon Study program. As mentioned earlier, it's not easy to organize afternoon study to about 200 students in Level 6 as we have to feed them and then arrange transports to ensure their safe return. After the final exams they'll have a Prayer Day together at Lilo, Veitongo, and then they're ready for the external exams!

Agriculture Project

Due to the ongoing heavy rain in recent days we're decided to take some boys to help clean the weeds at our Agriculture project. The taro is growing well but the weeds are equally enjoying the rain! We truly appreciate the help of our students as they know we're doing this for them. Besides, these boys needed a break from the classroom, so this exercise at our taro plantation was timely.

The exercise involves prayers and pep talks to drive home the importance of these activities. The history of the college has always been associated with manual labor!

Seen below is the extension of our exercise as we visited the Loma Catholic Cemetery at Matahau to clean it up before Sunday.

More Than Gold!

One hundred and fifty staff and students were invited to the screening of the 'More Than Gold', Dame Valerie Adams' documentary. The staff and students were excited to walk to the Tano'a Hotel, a trip down memory lane! I told them that walking to and from the college to town was a piece of cake in yester years!

Seen above and below are local tourists from Apifo'ou awaiting the green light to go into the screening room at Tano'a Hotel.

Seen above is the Principal with Dame Valerie Adams. She was excited when I informed her that Ms Nancy Fifita whose song is one of the sound tracks in her Documentary is my niece! Small world indeed!

Alumni Acknowledgment

Last night at the Davina we had the AFC Alumni Social evening with the purpose of acknowledging all the different Alumni Groups that have been instrumental in helping the college in different projects. It was a Blue/White Aloha evening. Everyone enjoyed the evening especially as there was no official and formal program. They thoroughly enjoyed the company, music, food, drinks both local and import! Seen below is the chief organizer Mr. Kesomi Siale, and bravo Sir, you did a wonderful job!


Once again, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of the Apifo'ou Family, both at home and abroad, for your consistent and unfailing support. Please keep our students in your prayers as our upcoming final exams will begin next Tuesday.

Viva AFC!


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Nov 04, 2022

fkmalo atu e ngaue lahi mei loki ako, ngaahi feauhi ne ikuna, tokanga moe ngoue e ako pea pehe ki he kau kolisi tutuku.....koe konga kou loto ke fkmaloia makehe koe ha maa mai mo fkofoofa e fanauako mo honau teunga....fkkatoa....malo e ngaue


Nov 04, 2022

Malo lahi Patele á e fakahoko fatongia pea mo e laka ngaue mei he Api foóu.

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