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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

Final exams: The Levels 1 - 4 continue with their final exams this week and will complete them tomorrow. The students are clearly focusing on their exams, and despite the diversion from the Vaccination this week, they remain committed.

Prayer Day for the exam classes

The Levels 5 & 6 took time out to have a special Prayer & Reflection Day at Lilo 'i Tafa'anga in Veitongo. This is an integral part of their preparations for the exams. It's a gentle reminder that having done everything possible throughout the year, we lift up to God all their efforts, hearts and minds, and let Him bring them to fruition.

We're indeed grateful to Sr. Keiti-Ann for hosting and facilitating these programs.

Pfizer Vaccination

Our students aged 12 - 17 received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday. It was encouraging to see a good turn-out of students, some accompanied by their parents to the makeshift vaccination center here at the college hall.

Meanwhile, it was quite disappointing that some parents refused to allow their sons and daughters to be vaccinated. While we respect their right to decide for their children, we're still open for an informed and evidence-based dialogue on the issue.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Health is willing to revisit 'Apifo'ou at a later time for another day of vaccination. Otherwise, the rest will have to do it at the hospital in Nuku'alofa.

National Emergency Management Office (NEMO)

A group of students from Levels 2 and 4 are taking part in the Posture & Speech Competitions organized by NEMO. It's heartening to witness these students utilizing their talents and skills in these competitions. Shown here below is their impressive artistic and creative mock-up of 'Apifo'ou College in times of an emergency.

Our Volunteer Project's Fundraising Drive

The Volunteer Project has picked up momentum with all the concerted efforts coordinated by our Team from Melbourne, Australia. A few of our mentors/tutors have gone to the extent of putting up Tutoring videos for the benefit of our students. You may check them out by clicking on 'Volunteers' on this website or check out the one below from one of those generous tutors, Mr. Loseli Hafoka, from Melbourne:

Unfortunately, a major drawback remains the fact that our students will need to be able to access such help by means of a tablet, laptop or PC which the school still lacks, not to mention a decent internet connection. Hence, the Volunteer Coordinators in Melbourne have organized a fundraising drive for this worthy cause that runs from October 20 to December 4. They also look at buying textbooks to help with our Enrichment Program for the lower classes. Those able and willing to donate to this can send an email to for the details. Malo!

Stella Maris Project

There was excitement on the faces of the Stella Maris group as the floor to the Notice Board was cemented last Friday. As mentioned earlier, this project is shaping up really well. The teachers and students are admiring the unique design. A few teachers are suggesting that this might also be a good spot for relaxation!

Seen below are the Stella Maris group & future AFC students! We duly acknowledge the work led by Sione Tatafu and supported by 'Alisi, Malia, Nive, and the rest!

175th Anniversary of Francoise Perroton (Foundress of the SMSM Sisters)

Last Saturday the Marist Family celebrated Mass in honour of their Foundress, Francoise Perroton, who chose the religious name of Sr. Marie du Mont Carmel SMSM. The Mass was followed by a shared meal. It was wonderful to celebrate the Eucharist together with the elderly Nuns such as Sr. Pauline, Sr. Anita, and Sr. Sofia.

Lady Si'atukimoana Vaea

The Alumni group 75-80 visited alumna Lady Si'atukimoana Vaea yesterday at her residence at Kaitangi. It was a joyful reunion for this alumni group and especially to share laughter and stories with Lady Si'atukimoana. She shared with us her profound gratitude for the prayers and support of all ex-students, in particular our ex-students and friends in Auckland NZ and further afield overseas.

ATI Fashion Show

The Bishop Finau & Knight Sofele Kakala Hall was temporarily transformed into a Fashion Parlour as the students from 'Ahopanilolo Technical Institute displayed their spectacular and unique fashions and styles. Mighty congrats to the staff and students of ATI!


Thank you very much one and all, here and abroad, for your continuous prayers and support for our beloved 'Apifo'ou. Please pray for our students in this time of exams.

Viva AFC!


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