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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 1


Lenten greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This has been a loaded week as far as extra-curricular activities are concerned. Each Level from 1 - 7 had a Recollection Day of Prayer. The Religious Education Department went as far as recruiting the Parish Priests to help with the running of these events. The feedback from the teachers and students has been very positive.

We're indeed grateful to the Vicar General, Mon. Lutoviko Finau who led his fellow Priests, Frs. Loni, Mateo, Kolio, Mahe, Tomasi, and Deacon Uatahausi, to be part of these daily prayer activities. The other focus for this week is the ongoing preparations for the first Assessment which begins next week.

The Eucharist this morning marked the conclusion of these Days of Recollection.

Professional Developments (PD)

There have been a series of PD Sessions organised by the college so as to find new strategies for harnessing the learning outcomes inside the classrooms. The English Department brought in an officer from the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) to help with their work.

The Maths Department had two sessions. Firstly, they joined the rest of the Mathematics' teachers within Tongatapu to conduct a national survey. As you all know, Tonga recorded its lowest pass rate of 6% pass last year on the national level.

Secondly, they had a Zoom session with old boy Dr. Stan Manu from Canada. Since the beginning of the year I've requested help for our Maths Department. We're indeed grateful to Stan for his availability for this PD session yesterday via Zoom.

The Coordinator from USP in Fiji also conducted a PD session with our Form 7 teachers. This was an opportunity to clarify some of the new changes that the University is trying to implement.

NRL Tonga

The college has fielded 3 Teams for the NRL rugby league competitions that start today. We have U16 for both boys and girls, and U18 for the boys. These teams were called up to the front during Mass today for the whole school to bless them.

St. John's Block

The 'Good Samaritan' 'Isitokia Paasi and her Crew will complete the 3rd classroom this weekend. Once again this project has put lots of smiles on the faces of the teachers and students in Level 5. They have one more classroom to look at before 'Isitokia will finally return to Aotearoa. Malo fau si'ene tokoni.

Seen above is the good Samaritan assessing the progress of the work.

Touliki Naval Base

Our neighbor, the naval Base at Touliki, visited the college yesterday to present some rugby balls to the college. The good rapport between the Base and the college goes way back and they have maintained that over the years.

Stella Maris

The Stella Maris Alumni Group are planning to complete their project after Easter. Yesterday, a few boys from Monfort Institute came and installed the Notice Board.


Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your prayers and support for the college. We renew our call for help from the ex-students and friends of Apifo'ou toward the feeding and training of our athletes. The cost per week is almost $3,000, so any contribution would be much appreciated.

Viva AFC!


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