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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 2

Warm Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 7 and currently there are different activities happening on campus. The Forms 5 & 6 are occupying themselves with the Internal Assessments (IA's) and Common Paper Assessment (CAT).

Home Economics

Seen here in the next photos are the Home Economics students doing their IA which is cooking dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It's wonderful to see the amount of preparations by their two teachers Nasaleti Tausinga & 'Ahome'e Tafa. The students look smart in their cooking attire while their dishes do seem nutritious and inviting!

Tongan Language

The Form 5's students conducted their Tongan speech on Wednesday. You can see the Guru & Master in the Tongan language Mrs. Vika Matekitonga present while the Assessor does her job just to make sure that the speaker does it properly!


As part of their preparations for their IA, the government's Geology Department were invited to present on soil formation and survey, etc. We're grateful for this partnership so that our students can benefit from such outreach programs.


The Form 5 students did their Common Paper Assessment (CAT) also this week. The two mathematicians Alipate Kisina & Sosafate Peauafi are more than optimistic that their students will fare better this time round.

Agriculture Science

There is a time for everything! Last week the Agriculture/Science students prepared their nursery, softening and mounting. This week they plant their lettuce vegetables. Our Fijian teacher Mr. Jokini Sivo brings with him his experience from planting in the interior of Vitilevu to guide our students!


Our netters are picking up momentum in their preparations for tomorrow's opening. An added joy for them is the fact that the tournament will be held here at 'Apifo'ou's 7 netball pitches. I announced at the assembly that I'm equally happy for the other schools to come and witness the new Apifo'ou, cleaner and more beautiful!


The soccer players are blessed to have the service of the champion Team from Veitongo helping them with some basic soccer skills.

While the soccer teams are training, a group of students are undergoing an Umpire Training Workshop conducted by the Tonga Football Association (TFA). We're fortunate that we have ex-students in the upper echelon of the TFA. Lord Ve'ehala is the President and Tevita Vea is a senior umpire and trainer.


The 1XV Rugby Team is fine-tuning their skills for tomorrow's opening game against Tailulu. Seen here is co-coach Fangatapu drilling their attack and defense patterns.

You can catch this game live on our Radio Apifo'ou Tonga.

Quiz Team

Our Quiz Team ended their campaign on a high by beating Liahona in the playoff yesterday 11 - 10. Indeed a narrow win, but as the saying goes, a win is a win! These group of students have maximized their repertoire of knowledge in the process.

Alumni Group 89

The college continues to admire the many Alumni Groups who have come on board and offer their assistance. Yesterday the Alumni Group 89 visited the school and donated assorted items of food to help with the feeding of the sporting Teams.

For your information we've begun this week feeding all the teams from rugby to soccer, netball and volleyball. Also take note that our Lalo Kasia Kava Club are hosting a Kalapu kavatonga next Friday to help with our sports. Feel free to donate, we'll be eternally grateful!

Signing of the 5-Year Master Plan

Last Friday another milestone in the making took place at the Bishop's residence, Kaingafo'ou. Sakopo was quite emotional when he presented the Final Copy to His Eminence and we felt like Moses in the OT descending with the Tablets of the Ten Commandments from the mountain!! But now it's time to work!


One of my colleagues in Fiji once made a comment to me on one occasion that St. John's College, Cawaci, Fiji is so fortunate as they are the only school that has a priest as Principal. I didn't take much notice of the comment initially but then realized the significance of it. Well, as seen in the next photo, here at Apifo'ou College there are five Marist Priests serving as members of the faculty.

Thank you very much indeed Apifo'ou Family, both at home and abroad, for all the prayers and support. And please pray for our Teams playing tomorrow.

Viva AFC!


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Unknown member
May 28, 2021

Ofa atu Fr Ekuasi pea oku fai pe e hufekina atu e ngaahi palani kotoa pe oku fai hono tanumaki. Ko e pulopula 'oku tanumaki 'ehe kau Marist Fathers KUOPAU ke mo'ui...hange pe koia ne fai e Petelo Sanele.

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