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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

Today's official Opening of our new Dental Clinic marks a golden milestone in the history of 'Apifo'ou College! The ceremony was presided over by Fr. Loni Mafi as he blessed the gathering and also consecrated the 'Kilisitina Pome'e Fatu Dentistry'.

The Chief Guest was the Hon. Minister of Health, Dr. Saia Piukala, and accompanied by the Hon. Minister for Infrastructure, Sevenitini Toumo'ua. The leader of the Ballarat Rotary Volunteers, Dr. Goldsmith and his colleagues from Australia thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality accorded to them by the staff and students. Indeed, the one and a half hour program was enjoyed by everyone!

Form Seven's New Attire

The Form 7 students proudly displayed their new school attire which they wore for the special occasion today.

Class Awards

We're very pleased that we finally have some generous sponsors for the weekly awards. You may recall from last week's updates that the winners from the St. Mary's Campus competitions last week were to be awarded at this week's assembly. We're grateful to the Cowley Ltd for their generous sponsorship of this undertaking.

Agriculture Project

The school's Agriculture Project situated at Matahau continues and we're delighted to see the Taro Tonga growing well after the few patches of rain in the past weeks.

Alumni 97/98

The Alumni Group 97/98 led by Malialita Mateo was instrumental in landscaping and beautifying the new Dental Clinic. They also tiled the entrance to the clinic. Malo!

Frank Enterprise

Another milestone was added to the success story of the Frank Enterprise. Last Saturday they opened a double story office which will certainly expand not to mention improve the professional face of their business.

Senior Magistrate Mr. Vili Foliaki Mo'ale

Yesterday I was honored to be part of the sworn-in ceremony of the newest senior magistrate, Mr. Vili Mo'ale. It was a family affair as the whole Mo'ale clan were there to show their support. Mighty congratulations to Senior Magistrate Mr. Mo'ale!


Thank you one and all for your love, prayers and support for our beloved college!

Viva AFC!


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