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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 3


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Trust this finds you all and your respective communities and families in good health despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Admin Briefs:

~ Afternoon Study: We're indeed grateful to the PTA for their endless support to the running of the afternoon studies. On this Saturday we will celebrate the PTA Day! There's no targeted amount being demanded from the parents as they've paid their dues together with the Registrations Fee at the beginning of the year. However, the teachers involved in the afternoon study are paid $30 per hour since they work outside the official teaching time. Subsequently, the money that will be collected from the fakapale and other kind donations will go toward paying the teachers.

The students and staff are being spoiled this week with the wonderful catering from the Nuku'alofa Parish. Our heartfelt gratitude to Frs. Loni and Tasi plus the Pulengaue of each Komunio for organising the feeding of our students. Photo 035 shows some of the parents from Nuku'alofa bringing their feed yesterday!

May I echo our gratitude to the parents once again for picking up their children after the completion of the afternoon study at 6PM. The rest of the students who have no transportation are being distributed to their respective villages by the school bus and truck (photo 033). Again, this is part of ensuring that our students are back home with their parents safe and sound.

PTA Day:

The college will celebrate PTA Day this Saturday. We had planned to have it at St. Mary's ground but the recent heavy downpour has forced us to activate plan B which is the Hall. The different levels are preparing an item each for the day. Seen here in photo 001 is our Master Punake, Mr. Ha'amonga Tu'ipulotu, making final touches to the Level 1 item. He has been creative over the years with either Lakalaka or Soke, and this year it's ma'ulu'ulu. We're grateful indeed to Ha'amonga as the kids benefit immensely from learning and participating in our traditional dances.

Construction & Reconstruction Work:

The Ca'Bella contractors are preparing to pour concrete on the foundation for the St. Tomasi block (photo 006). Simultaneously, they are also reconstructing the two buildings (B5 & B7) on the side of the Gas Depot.

We're eternally grateful to Ca'Bella for the extra contributions to the college such as the painting of the whole St. Mary's block. This time round they've made a temporary footpath for our senior students to cross on a dry and elevated safe passage (photo 040).

If my recollection is correct, this part at the college was hardly filled with water during heavy rains. Well, we can witness the effects of climate change happening here right under our nose!


On behalf of us all here at our beloved college, thank you very much for your untiring support. Indeed, it has been a tough year but with your support that has made the journey so far bearable!

Viva AFC!


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