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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! I fervently hope that you remain safe and healthy as each day brings new challenge from the pandemic.

Admin Briefs

This is week 7 of Term 3 and we're approaching the completion of yet another Term.

As part of the efforts to remain safe, the MoH conducted Vaccination at the college for teachers who missed out on the first two rounds. Our students at the age of 18 and above were also vaccinated.

There are only a few IA Tasks to be completed. Hence staff and students are working tirelessly to complete them. Some of the classes are held on Saturdays.

Volunteer Project

We continue to acknowledge the collective efforts from our ex-students overseas toward our Volunteer Project. A special thanks to Mr. & Mrs Fonomanu and 'Unaloto Lolohea in Melbourne who facilitate the program. Mr. Fetuani Kula and others are front-liners in the project. They have donated funds this week to help purchase some text books for the students.

The three ex-students who are actively helping out with Accounting & Economics are Paulo Manu, Laumanu Ma'afu & 'Utu'one Vena.


Our Soccer Teams are the remaining ones at this time. There was a lot of hope for the U19 girls. However, they lost in the final to Queen Salote after a penalty shootout. That means only the U16 girls will play against Tailulu in the final next week.

The Netball Girls had their Thanksgiving Mass and Meal last Sunday to wrap up their efforts for this year. We're indeed grateful that the sporting events are drawing to a close so that the students can focus entirely on their studies.

Class 6 of Francis of Assisi

The Head Teacher and Class 6 of St Francis of Assisi made a field trip to Apifo'ou this week. They were welcomed at the Science Lab by the HOD Makalita Kiutau. This is an introduction to these students as most will be coming to AFC for Form 1 next year.

PTA Chairman

Our PTA Chairman managed to leave for NZ this week for medical treatment. Please keep Mr. Filokalafi 'Akau'ola in your prayers.


May I extend to you our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support over the week. As mentioned above, we're wholly diverting our focus and attention now to the studies.

Briefly, Fr. 'Ofa Vaihu is recovering well but still needs our prayers. Please continue to pray for him.

Viva AFC!


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