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College Updates: Week 8 - Term 1


Lenten Greetings Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family! As we're about to enter with the Lord into Jerusalem amidst the chant of 'Hosanna', let's not forget that a few days later the same cacophony of voices yelled out, "Crucify Him!'

Admin Brief

The focus of this week is the Assessment, hence all the Levels were engaged in exams except the Form 7 who are occupied with their Assignments! The Athletics Squad continues their training faithfully despite the prolonged wet weather conditions. Most of the training sessions are done in the Hall. However, they had another trial yesterday at the 'Utulau rugby ground. The Rugby League Teams continue with their training, but due to the bad weather conditions their games were postponed last week and this week's as well.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions!

For those of us who have left for some years and then returned to the college, we can see the adverse effects of prolonged periods of rains on the school grounds. The strange thing is that the whole school campus is flooded with water! In the 60's, 70's and consecutive years, we all know which areas would be filled with water and those spared. This time, however, all areas at school are being swamped with water.

Seen here is an aerial shot of 'Apifo'ou where patches and pools of water are visible!

Seen here above is the St. Mary's ground which was rarely flooded in earlier years.

It was suggested to our coaches and athletes to switch to kayak-style training!

Seen here are the athletes trying out the 'water-polo' techniques of running in the water! They might as well be wearing life-vests.

The students are urged to walk only on the verandas and sheltered footpaths.

Seen here are areas that were rarely flooded with water but it's no longer the case!

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), through the Government, has assured us that they will construct a 'Drainage System' and the opening outlet to the Naval Base will be reopened. We keep our fingers crossed but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Assessment 1

The students are well aware of the importance of these exams. Firstly, it's diagnostic as this will indicate the capabilities of the students, thus helping teachers to tailor their strategies so as to be able to assist them. Secondly, the results of this Assessment will be added to the students' Mid-Year reports.

These set of photos are from the Junior Levels.

The next group of photos are from the senior side.

Athletics Squad

Despite the wet weather conditions, the athletes are focused on our audacious but achievable goal of winning the athletics competition this year.

A crucial component of their training is their mental and spiritual toughness. The athletes can achieve that through the celebrations of the Eucharist and seeking the intercessions of St. Peter Chanel & our Blessed Mother, the perpetual Principal.

St. Joseph's Community College

On the Solemnity of St. Joseph on Wednesday I celebrated the Feast Day of St. Joseph with our sister college at Ha'apai, marking their 47th Anniversary. The trip across to Ha'apai was more than worthwhile as the college honored me as their Chief Guest. In 1983 I took a detour from 'Apifo'ou and studied at St. Joseph's. Even though it was only for a year, it was an unforgettable one!

Such joy to be at Ha'apai and celebrate with them their Feast Day. The only heartbreaking sentiment I got was to see less than one hundred students at the college compared to the 500+ students in the 1980's.

It was great catching up with colleague Mataika Folaumahina, the Principal of St. Joseph's. Seen below are the students performing the entertainments. The two mothers in front thought their sons were too small to perform, so they carried them!

Renovation of the Staff Room

We're indeed grateful for the funds donated to the college to renovate the Staff Room on the second floor of the Queen Halaevalu Mata'aho building. The generous donor wishes to remain anonymous and thus we accept that. The Project will see the Staff Room with a new-look: new floor tiles, fresh paints, kitchen face-lift, etc.

Seen here is 'Alani Mahoni with his crew carrying out this project.

Teachers' Shared Lunch

The teachers continue to share lunch every Friday, which is the only time to bring together our teachers and workers. The food is passable but nutritious and lenten!

Her Majesty's Donation

Her Majesty the Queen, Nanasipau'u Tuku'aho, continues to donate library books to the college. Last year the college received numerous items such as furniture and text books. 'Oku tau monu'ia 'oku kei 'ofa mai pe 'a e Fale 'o e Tu'i ki hotau 'apiako. Seen below are the Officials from the Palace Office delivering the cartons of books which were received on our behalf by the Deputy Principal, Fr. Valu Siua.

Ma'ufanga Parish's Donations to the Athletics Squad

The Ma'ufanga Parish and Ex-students donated food stuffs to help with the feedings of the athletes. Malo fau e 'ofa lahi! Seen below is the Pulengaue lahi, Mr. Tu'ifua Sakisi, Board Chairman, Mr. Frank Mateo, PTA President, Mrs. Malia Lita Fisilau and ex-students from our mother parish.


May I extend to you all our sincere appreciation for your support and prayers for our beloved college. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we have one more week of exams to go.

Viva AFC!


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