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College Updates: Week 8 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 8 of Term 2 and our focus is twofold: firstly, ongoing coverage of syllabus and revision for the exams next week; secondly, all Levels are preparing items to celebrate the 157 Anniversary of Apifo'ou College.

Form 7 Achievements

Our Form 7 did brilliantly well in their Exams for Semester 1. The Director and Course Coordinator from USP sent congratulatory remarks, praising the Form 7 students for their hard work over the last semester. The Preliminary Course students scored a 56% pass rate while the Foundation Year students scored a 73% pass rate.

I've reminded the teachers and students that this result may well be a foretaste for better learning outcomes for AFC. For we have all spared no effort in these past four years so as to lay a more solid foundation for our students in these public exams.

To acknowledge these wonderful results, the outstanding students who passed all the 4 Units plus a few A+ & A's have all received $50 each!

Item Practice for the College Feast Day

All the levels are busy with the preparations for this Saturday when we will all celebrate the 157th Anniversary of Apifo'ou College. This was deferred from April due to COVID restrictions. Seen below are Level 3 students trying to perfect their moves!

Seen above is Level 2 and below is Mr. Ha'among Tu'ipulotu doing what he does best, creating new traditional dances.

Seen here are Level 4 (above) and Level 5 (below).

Brass Band & Choir's rehearsal (above). Below are the girls in Level 5.

Level 5 boys (above) and Level 6 girls (below) with their final touches for Saturday.

Internal Verification Visit

While the staff and students are busy with the preparation of items, the Principal is occupied with checking the Scheme of Works, Work Books, Lesson Plans, and Students' exercise books. This is a key strategy to ensure quality pedagogy in the classrooms as far as teaching and learning are concerned.

Weekend Classes

We never cease to admire people who sacrifice their time in the weekends to come and help our students. Seen below is Paulo Tonga, who has moved to 'Atele this year but is still helping out with our Industrial Arts students and their projects.

Seen below is Mr. Paulo Manu who has committed himself to teaching Accounting and Economics for the senior Forms here at the college. Malo e 'ofa ki hotau 'apiako.

Tiling Project

The Tiling project for Level 1 continued last week. The Form 1A students were thrilled to see their classroom nicely tiled over the weekend. The fund was donated by some generous parents and ex-students who also carried out the work themselves. Malo!

Courtesy Call

The college has been frequented by Lord Ve'ehala ever since I came back from Fiji. Although he was one year ahead of me as a student of the college, we knew each other well. This time round he came to donate a Bb Trombone to the Band Master and the students. Malo Lord Ve'ehala e kei manatu 'ofa mai ki hotau Lalo Kasia.

The late Rev. Dr. Mikaele Paunga SM

Last night we celebrated a Memorial Mass in honor of the late Fr. Mikaele Paunga, an old boy of the college who recently passed away in Fiji. The church was packed to full capacity as people came to pay their respect to this great man. RIP Patele.


Thank you once again, one and all, for your generous support and prayers for our beloved college.

Please take note that the college will mark the 157th Anniversary of Apifo'ou College this Saturday. The program for ex-students has been cancelled but the one for the school will go ahead.

All ex-students are invited and called upon to pledge your $20 per head as Levy for the college. We need this money for the Operational Cost of the school. Do come and enjoy the entertainment and food with our staff and students.

Viva AFC!


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