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College Updates: Week 8 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family.

Admin Briefs:

~ This is week 8 of the fourth and final Term

~ It's the second last day also of the external exams for Forms 5's and 6's.

~ Forms 1 - 4 are still holding the fort until the return of the senior students next week.

Soccer Clinic:

The Tonga Football Association kindly accepted our request to conduct coaching and training clinics. The officers from the association have been conducting these training sessions starting from Tuesday. The plan is to have Inter-House Soccer competitions next week. As you can see from photo 065, the junior students are eager to learn the beautiful game.

We're blessed to have Lord Ve'ehala as President of the association and we have also Tevita Vea as Facilitator of the referees' department. These two ex-students and a few others are instrumental in the development of the game at the college.

Construction work:

Photos 053 & 061 show the good progress of the ongoing construction works. The 3 buildings have 2 more weeks to complete. The boss of Ca'Bella, Paea, is adamant that they'll complete the work before the official opening on the 1st of December.

Agriculture Block:

Photos 019, 030, & 050 do capture the concerted efforts of staff and students. On Tuesday and yesterday we basically finished the planting of cassava on the 2nd plot of land at Matahau. It's no easy feat to plant around 8 acres of land in just two days. However, the true spirit of Apifo'ou prevailed in these days of hard labor!!

Ironically, some parents called to complain about taking the students to the plantation, even though they were informed that this is part of the education of their children. It's a school project after all and besides, manual labor is good for the mind, body and soul of students! And teachers too!


May I humbly remind all ex-scholars of the college that we still welcome sponsorship and contribution to the annual Prize-Giving of the college next Friday.

Please continue to keep our exams' students in your prayers.

Thank you very much, one and all, for your ongoing prayers and support for our beloved Alma Mater!

Viva AFC!


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