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College Updates: Week 8-Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Welcome back to our weekly updates as we missed out last week due to the lockdown here in Tonga.

Admin Briefs

This is week 8 and it's the commencement of the external exams for the senior levels 5, 6, & 7. The lockdown week was a blessing in disguise as the students had ample time to revise and iron out a few things before they embark on the exams which began on Tuesday.

The Form 5's are having their exams at the college Hall while the Form 6 students share the Falemasiva Hall at Tailulu College together with THS and Lavengamalie.

This morning our daily rituals before the exams included a prayer and blessing by one of us priests or nuns. It's vital that the students know that our prayers will accompany them throughout the duration of the exams. The students know too well that we've done our part and it's all up to them now, and of course with the divine intervention of God's grace!

Sr. Sesilia 'Alamoti smsm with the Form 6 students on the first day of exams.

Seen below are the Form 7 students attending to their exams.

Daily Programme at the College

With the focus on the external exams and due to the lockdown last week, a good number of our students are not attending school this week. Those that attend this week have been commended for their fortitude and commitment to the college.

Montfort Silver Jubilee

Our Radio Apifo'ou did a coverage of Montfort Technical Institute (MTI) as they prepare to celebrate their Silver Jubilee on the 26th of this month. Our TVET Section is still in the process of linking up with MTI. However, our students there are taking advantage of the variety of programmes at the institute.

Radio Apifo'ou Melbourne

One of the popular programmes on our Radio Apifo'ou is the 'Manatu Melie' facilitated by our Melbourne counterparts. This week we're delighted to catch up with alumnus Fr. 'Akuila Talia'uli SVD who now works as a missionary in Argentina.


Please continue to keep our exams' students in your prayers.

A few reminders:

~ The fundraising coordinated by our Volunteer Group in Melbourne is ongoing.

~ If any individual/ alumni/ family wishes to sponsor Prizes/Awards for the school's annual Prize Giving, please feel free to contact the office here at the college.

Last but not least, thank you very much for your relentless support for our beloved college and may God remunerate you all for your efforts on behalf of 'Apifo'ou.

Viva AFC!


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