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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 1


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! I pray that God's blessings & healing graces pervade and dwell in your homes during this turbulent period due to COVID-19.


You may have heard yesterday on the radio & TV that the Hon. Minister for Education has announced that all schools and institutions in Tonga will close at 1PM tomorrow. We were supposed to break off next week for 1 week only but we'll comply with this directive from the ministry. We'll resume classes on the 14th of April.

So far none in Tonga has yet to be tested positive for the Coronavirus, Deo gratias! However, we support what the Govt is proactively doing to prevent the virus from entering into the country. Meanwhile, we do our best to counsel our staff and students to remain calm and focus on their work and studies. We can't allow unnecessary fear and panic to cripple us. Life has to continue while remaining alert.

We're indeed grateful that we managed to complete our Assessment 1 exams this week before close-down of the schools!

We bought a new Toshiba copier today. We're regularly buying new items due to lack of proper management. Consequently, I had to sprinkle the machine and the office workers with holy water! Hopefully, that will protect us from the virus!


It's becoming normal for the college to operate amidst heavy rain and flooding since my announcement that "Only a tsunami can stop school!" Nonetheless, the grounds this week were flooded due to heavy downpours over the weekends.

Subsequently, quick thinking led to the laying of a temporary footpath for the juniors to keep their feet dry (p 003), much to the appreciation of the students!

Ongoing works:

The Ca'Bella contractors are now preparing to form the beams on the 2 new classrooms flanking the St. Mary's admin block (p 024).

The Leo Group continue with their work at the Science Labs (p 027). We keep our fingers crossed that when we return in two weeks time this project is completed.


Due to restrictions we're not able to celebrate Mass as a college community. However, our Marist community faithfully celebrates Mass each day and thus offering them for the intentions of the college and the entire AFC family.

Please rest assured that you and your families are fondly remembered in thoughts and prayers during these trying times.

Viva AFC!


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