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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family.

Admin Briefs

Mid-Year Exams: These two remaining weeks of Term 2 are designated for the Mid-Year exams. With the ongoing sporting competitions, the students have been urged to focus on their exams. Seen here are a few shots of different classes concentrating on the exams.

Quiz & Arts Teams

Last Wednesday the college's Quiz & Arts Teams were treated to a special meal at the Emerald Restaurant. This was to honor their efforts and achievements in their recent respective competitions. Their parents were also invited so was the Chairman of the school's Board, Mr. Frank Halafihi. As we did for the athletes after the sports, we're according the same token to these Level 4 students.

Sports: Netball

Our Netters continue to perform well in their respective Grades. Due to the weather conditions last week only 3 Teams played. Midget A won against Lavengamalie 18 - 0; Junior A lost by 1 point to Pakilau Middle School 7 - 8; Inter A beat Takuilau 9 - 1.


There were mixed results from rugby. Grade 1B lost to Toloa 0 - 38! Grade 1A beat Tupou High school 10 - 0; Grade 2A lost to Havelu Mid 0 - 5; Grade 3 won against Mo'unga 'Olive 19 - 0; Grade 4 beat Tailulu 8 - 5; Grade 5 lost to Lavengamalie 5 - 12; Our 1XV lost to Takuilau 7 - 10.

Sitani Paulo was a happy man last Friday after they beat our senior boys. I joked to him that I had briefed our boys on Thursday evening and told them to allow Takuilau to win. If they lose twice in a row they might be out of the competition! Of course Sitani wouldn't have any of that!

Our 1XV will play in the main game at Teufaiva tomorrow against Liahona High Sch.

Grade 1A in their last pep talk before their game. Below is the condition of the 'Atele ground on which the Grade 5 played. Their coach blamed their loss on the rain!

Grade 4 saluting the fans after their win.

It's encouraging to see the Teams being well looked after. All the Teams are now served twice a meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seen here is the Grade 1 boys being served by Ha'amonga & Folau.

While the school provides the meals for the different sporting Teams, a few Alumni Groups are coming on board to look after certain Teams. Seen here are the 94/95 alumni bringing drinks and fruits for Grade 2. They've pledged to look after them.

Master Plan

The MP Team and selected committees gathered at Lilo in Veitongo for a retreat/renewal to prepare ahead for the implementations of the many strategies prescribed in the Plan. Below is Dr. Alisi guiding the members through the activities of the day.

Dr. 'Opeti Pulotu dwelling on the importance of Professional Development and empowerment of teachers.

Dr. Siua Halavatau emphasizing the vitality of a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Minoru Nishi Jr highlighting the profound effects of an accountable & transparent financial system.

A snapshot of all the participants in the retreat.

MP Team

The MP Team had a debrief session at the Friends Cafe yesterday. This was to mark the successful completion of the launching of the MP as well as putting it into actions on Saturday. The Team honestly feels that we've more or less done the required tasks demanded of us. At this stage the Master Plans are in the process of being 'handed-over' to the School's Advisory Board (SAB). Meanwhile, we're still fully committed to work alongside and behind the scene with the Board to ensure the pivotal execution of the Plans.


On behalf of the staff and students, may I extend to you all, 'Apifo'ou Family, near and far, our sincere gratitude for your generous support and prayers.

The Lalo Kasia Club raised almost $12,000 last Friday. This money will help with the feeding of all the sporting Teams.

Please keep our students in your prayers as they embark on their Mid-Year Exams.

Viva AFC!


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