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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 2


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Trust this finds you all in good health.

Admin Briefs:

~ Mid-Year Exams

Currently the mid-years exams are continuing and will end next Friday (photo 034).

There have been challenges faced by the students in this Term:

a) COVID-19 lock-down which posed adverse effects on the students physically, due to restrictions of movement; mentally, due to fear and panic surrounding the virus; spiritually, as the college hasn't celebrated the Eucharist since the commencement of the lock-down.

b) Brawl with 'Atele students last Friday. This was a very unfortunate incident that happened last Friday in town. According to reports we gathered, a group of students went to have meals at the Talahiva Restaurant (opposite Mala'ekula). On their way back a group of Atele students confronted them which resulted in one of the boys being slapped in the face. That's when the brawl erupted but thankfully, the Police and Army which patrolled the town acted swiftly and stopped the students. Our students were escorted to the station and from there we transported them to their respective homes. We're trying our best to keep the students' focus on the exams. We liaise closely with the Police and Army to ensure the safety of our students and to stop any further brawls. I also launched a complaint with the Police, why were only our students escorted to the station and none from 'Atele? They tried to justify it by saying they were more concerned with the safety of our students!

~ Upcoming holiday: We look forward to next Friday since after the last paper on the same day, we'll break for 2 weeks.

Ongoing construction and reconstruction works

~ The new buildings on each side of the St. Mary's admin block are shaping up well. As you can see from the photo 018, they are looking good and strong.

~ Science Labs: Our TVET staff and students are fitting the pipes and gas on the benches in the lab and soon it will be operational.

~ The first new building with 3 rooms opposite the tennis court is in its final stage. You can see from the photo 014 that it adds beauty to the view from the front.

~ SM Fathers' residence: A small and hidden renovation is ongoing at the Marist Father's residence. Our TVET staff and students are undertaking this work (photo 026). For those of you that went to St. John's, this was the famous building where former Principals used to say to trouble-making students, "Face to Pangaimotu"!! Downstairs in this building are the offices where St. John's once operated from.

Mr. Paku Tausinga

Last week was the last time that Paku was able to give English classes to the Form 7. Since I came back from Fiji, Paku has been helping me with some wise advice and also offered to teach English to the Form 7.

Well, next semester Paku will move to Suva where he'll operate from as the Director General in Education for the Diocese of Polynesia in the Anglican Church. It's a massive loss for us but at the same time, a huge gain for the Anglican Church!

I had expressed our gratitude to Paku for his generosity and continuous support for 'Apifo'ou, the Alma Mater that, in his own words, he dearly loves.


Thank you one and all for your prayers and support for our beloved college.

Viva AFC!


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