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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 9 and it's exam time for all Levels which is the Common Test 2. At the same time we try and fulfill our responsibilities for the funeral of the late Fr. Tupou Ma'afu. It was great that we had a break on Monday after the wonderful efforts of last week, especially the Feast Day celebrations and the marking of the 157 Anniversary of Apifo'ou College.

The Marist Family (Famili 'o Malia) went on Tuesday afternoon to Ha'asini to pay our respect to Fr. Tupou Ma'afu. A few of the Marist priests, nuns, teachers, Rugby Club, and students were present for this solemn ritual.

Seen below is the Marist Family conducting prayers at Ha'asini. Of course, we'll also attend the funeral service at 10 AM tomorrow.

Common Paper Assessment (CPA)

The next set of photos are from those classrooms where students sat their exams. One thing that was clear is that the newly tiled classrooms (1M, 1A, 2M) make a huge difference in ensuring a favorable environment for thinking and learning.

The next lots of photos are from the senior Forms 5 & 6.

Seen below is one of the classrooms in the St. John's Block for Level 5. As you may know, this is one of the oldest buildings right next to the old Chapel. The ceilings need fixing. With the help of a few ex-students from NZ, we'll start fixing them soon.

Solar Lights donated by MEIDECC

Ten solar lights have been donated to the college. Sione Tausinga, who is with MEIDECC, did the Application on our behalf. They have given 5 solar lights and the rest at a later date. The TVET staff and students once again put up those solar lights and this time the focus was around the clinic, Home Eco building and TVET. Certainly, this will make a big impact as far as security around the premises is concerned.

Holy Name of Mary

On Monday, the actual Feast Day of the Society of Mary (Marists), we celebrated the Eucharist together with the SMSM Sisters. It's always a joyful occasion meeting up with the elderly Nuns: Srs. Anita, Pauline, and Sofia. Likewise, those who have been serving in other places such as Srs. Soana Talia'uli and Susitina.

Stella Maris Project

The Stella Maris alumni group have resumed the construction of their project which is the Notice Boards for the college. It's shaping up to be a wonderful project.

Feast Day Photos

Next few photos are from last Saturday's Feast Day & the school's 157th Anniversary.


May I extend to you all our profound gratitude for your prayers and support for Apifo'ou College. Please continue to remember our students in their exams which will end next week.

Viva AFC!


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