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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family! May I wish you all a blessed Feast Day on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist!

Our St. John's Cawaci Family in Fiji is celebrating this as their patronal feast day and may I wish all the Cawaci Family a grace-filled celebration. Fr. Lutoviko Manu will celebrate the Eucharist at the college today. Me nomuni na vuvale kece ni Cawaci na kalougata kei na marau e noda siga lagilagi nikua!

Admin Briefs

The focus this week has been our Mid-Year exams. Even though the various sporting activities are ongoing, we emphasize the importance of committing to the exams.

The Tonga China Friendship Association (TCFA) held their annual Scholarship Award on Wednesday at the Chinese Embassy. Two top students from our Level 4 have been the recipients of this scholarship for a couple of years now, LIkamoana Kautoke & Jayden Tatafu. Many congratulations!

Seen here above and below are our two recipients receiving their scholarship from Her Royal Highness, Princess Royal, Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita, who is the Patron and President of the association.

Mid-Year Exams

The staff and students know very well how important these exams are for their progress towards the end of the year and beyond.

These photos were taken at the St. Mary's campus.

The next series of photos are from the St. John's campus.

Seen below is our most senior staff member, Ms Fololeni Fatai, still enjoying what she holds mostly dearly in her heart, namely, teaching her students.

St. Mary's Computer Lab

The computer lab has been renovated by Mr. Siale Katoa with help from the carpentry boys of the TVET Section. We will begin soon to install there some of the computers that were donated by our ex-students and volunteers in Melbourne.

Sports News

Our first 1XV recorded their first win yesterday against 'Eua High School, 23-5. Hopefully, that's the start of a long-awaited and much needed resurgence!

There shouldn't be any excuse for this Team as they have all the sources of blessings at the college. Seen here is our Senior 1XV boys at the weekly Mass.

Agriculture Project

We had to harvest in haste the remaining taro from our plantation, as some were taken without permission by four-legged and two-legged animals in the village!

The bundles of taro were distributed to the parishes of Nuku'alofa, Ma'ufanga, and Houmakelikao to sell. The three gentlemen below couldn't make up their minds whether to buy or steal!!

PTA and Board's combined efforts!

The new President of the PTA, Mrs. Malia Lita, is a true 'Mover & Shaker'! She has shaken up the school's Board and ex-students to work together and help the school especially attending to the needs of the teachers and students.

Just this week she presented her vision and plan at the weekly gathering of the Priests. And last night she and her brother, Frank, hosted the members of the Board, PTA, and Level 6 teachers to a semi-formal session to discuss her plans.

USP Council

The 26th Session of the USP's Students was held at the 'Atele Campus this week. I was excited to catch up with my friends from Fiji, the Hon. Minister for Land, Mr. Vosarogo, plus my longtime friends, Mr. & Mrs. Fong. Kalougata nai lakolako lesu!


Thank you very much for your continuous prayers and support for the college, especially for the students as they embark on their exams. Please pray for the Ex-students' AGM that will be held at the college today beginning at 10 am.

Viva AFC!


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