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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Trust this finds you all, your respective families and communities, in good health despite the ongoing threat from COVID-19!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is the penultimate week for this Term 3. We do realize that the days are drifting rapidly at this juncture. However, we all look forward to the 1 week break next Friday, a timely breather before we tackle the last leg of the journey for 2020.

~ All Forms are engaged in our 3rd Assessment this week and next. The weighting for this one is 20 marks and the remaining 80 will be assessed in the final exams. It is vital that we continue to monitor the progress of the students. This will make our revision, remedial and any other intervention strategy, timely and relevant.

~ Afternoon Study:

The afternoon study is going well. The Forms 5 & 6 students continue to take advantage of these extra classes to iron out subject areas that still need further elaboration and attention.

On behalf of the college we extend a big thank you to Frs. Chris Hifo & 'Anaua Finau plus their parishioners for the catering for our students. Seen here in the photos 001 & 005 are the backbones of the Vaini Komunio: Pongi Taina, 'Ofa, and Pasoni serving the meals for the students. One can only tell from the smiling faces of the students that they really enjoy the spoils!

Construction & Reconstruction works:

Today the Ca'Bella contractors poured concrete to cement the foundation for the 4 new classrooms of the St. Tomasi block (022). The Lalo Kasia Club, composed of a few teachers and ex-students, prepared a special meal for the contractors as a token of support for their hard-work. Seen here in photo 026 are the Ca'Bella workers attacking the delicious food which was just unearthed from the 'umu! Na'e ma'u pe fanga ki'i lami 'o 'ai 'aki 'enau me'akai!

The other two renovated buildings (B5 & B7) seen here in photo 019 are also making good progress.


On behalf of us here at AFC we extend to you all our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and prayers for our beloved Alma Mater.

May the prayers of St. Gregory the Great (feast day today) inspire us all to remain faithful to God.

Viva AFC!


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