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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 9 of the final Term and we have two more weeks before the Annual Prize Giving on the 9th of December.

The focus this week has shifted temporarily to the teachers. The students were allowed to have a break on Monday and Tuesday after the final exams last week. This allows the teachers to concentrate on their markings and to get all the required tasks done this week.

The students returned to school yesterday to start the preparations for the end of the year functions. This will involve the cleaning up of the classrooms and the compounds. There will be special efforts to clean around the Hall and areas close by since the lineup of Prize Givings for our Catholic Institutions will begin next week.

USP Graduation 2022

Four of our teachers have just graduated from the University of the South Pacific, and their degrees were handed out in a ceremony last Friday: Timote Solo, Soane Kolo, Nasaleti Tausinga, and 'Ene'io Fuapau. Timote and Nasaleti had special mentions during the occasion. In spite of his disability Timote Solo received a Masters Degree in special Education. Nasaleti won gold medals in Home/Economics. Her late mother-in law, Mrs. Lose Tausinga, would have been very proud!

Seen above is Soane Kolo receiving his certificate from the Head of State of Samoa. He obtained a BA in Maths & Education. Below is a rising star in the Tonga Police Band and our ex-student, Mesualina Kaitapu, performing at the ceremony.

Annual Prize Giving Preparations

We are very grateful to individuals, Alumni Groups, Families, Kava Clubs, etc. who have donated prizes in cash and kind. Some have perpetual trophies and scholarships. On Monday the Frank Enterprises Family presented trophies and $1,000 cash toward the event. We're indeed grateful to Mr. Frank Halahihi, Malialita, and the family, especially their beloved Mum Asela, for their ongoing and generous support.

Other donations that have been obtained so far towards our Prize-Giving are:

- Pickable Club (Tiulini Veamatahau) - $300

- Mr. Kesomi Siale - $1,000

- Esto Fidelis 84 - $2,000

- Mr. Sateki Tu'itavake Scholarship - $1,000

- Kaveinga Tauveli - $200

A special appeal goes out to anyone out there who wishes to contribute, you're most welcome! All you need to do is to contact us here at the college.

Nuku'alofa Ex-students

Last Friday we were present at Toutaimana to honour the first Ex-students Association to present their donations to the Apifo'ou New Chapel appeal. They presented $305,000. They also presented $10,000 to the college. Malo e fau e 'ofa pea ngali pe ia ko e Kolomu'a!

Ongoing Projects

The Alumni 83 continues with their project, the renovation of St. John's block. Mr. Tu'ihoua and his colleagues from the Naval Base have completed the tiling of the first classroom as shown below and which is much appreciated.

Hall Face-lift

Our maintenance crew led by Pila Havili have given a face-lift to the Hall. You saw in the last updates the repairs that have been done to the ceilings and the lights. This week they're focusing on painting the outside walls.


A Team of six from the Ecocare in Canterbury NZ has arrived in Tonga to install a Refinery Water System. Three schools are the recipients: Tupou College, Tupou High, and Apifo'ou. This will be a big help as students will have access to cleaner and fresher water! They also presented 5 Laptops to the college. We're indeed grateful for this wonderful project.

Tonga Animals Welfare Society (TAWS)

This week the TAWS officers visited the college to raise awareness regarding the welfare of animals. If you recall from previous updates at the beginning of the year, the expatriate lady who was going to conduct this program died in the Tsunami, RIP.

Visitors to the College

This week the Regional Superior of the SMSM Sisters visited the college. These Sisters founded St. Mary's High School in 1965 and continue to contribute staffs to 'Apifo'ou. Sr. Catherine was delighted to have a chance to talk to our staff and students.

A familiar face at the college but has been away for quite a while, 'Ti Mila', paid us a surprise visit! Tevita Moimoi was my best mate at the college as students, and so he and I paid his Dad, Mr. Sipinoti Moimoi Sr, a courtesy call.


May I extend to you all our sincere thanks for your prayers and support for our beloved college. Please continue to pray for us in these remaining two weeks.

Viva AFC!


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