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College Updates: Week 9 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

~ Ongoing external exams

The senior Forms 5, 6, & 7 continue their exams this week and will complete them next Monday 22/11. However, some in both Levels 5 & 6 have completed theirs. The students appear to be focusing well on their exams which is a good sign. They take a break today because of the General Elections (GE). Frankly, the GE should have waited until the external exams are over. Psychologically, it's not good to break the exam rhythm and momentum. We'll leave that idea to the Politicians to sleep over it!

Ongoing activities for Levels 1 - 4

Keeping the staff and students occupied in these two weeks of exam is a real challenge! Henceforth, we've organized a host of activities such as a general cleaning up and sports to keep them engaged. Thankfully, we're still able to celebrate our weekly Eucharist, especially to pray for our exam students.

Ongoing success of our students in national competitions

Last week, our Form 4 students won 1st Prize in Model creation on how to prepare for a Tsunami. Their $1,000 prize money will be a Christmas gift for the 5 students who took part in this event. Three more students won 1st Prizes in the English & Tongan Speech in the same competitions and a 2nd prize. Hearty congrats to our students!

Above: Soakimi Ngaluola (F4) winning 1st prize in the Tongan speech competition.

Above: He-I-Nakau Kaufusi (F4) won 2nd prize in the English speech competition.

Seen above is Likamoana Kautoke (F2), winner of the English speech competition.

Michael Muller above receiving the award for the Best Tsunami Model shown below.

Soccer Coaching Clinic

AFC is blessed to participate in the Coaching Clinic conducted by the Tonga Football Association. Fifteen of our teachers are in this program fully funded by the Association. The Principal was only invited to officially open the program!

Donations to AFC

Even though we're approaching the end of the academic year, some generous benefactors are still helping out. Last week, assorted items were sent from Adelaide, Australia, courtesy of Jenny & Michael Dicker. This couple with some friends collected items and sent them to schools in the Pacific, and this time round it's AFC's turn. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. & Mrs. Dicker for such acts of charity. You can see from the faces of the teachers and students their excitement when the boxes were opened!

Contributions to the Prize-Giving

We're indeed grateful to the few Alumni Groups, families and Individuals who have kindly responded to our plea for assistance toward prizes and awards for the end of year Prize-Giving. Seen here are a few of our Alumni Groups with their contributions.

Kasia Fetakinima 89 have donated $2,800 toward the Prize Giving plus a Polo Shirt for the Principal which will be handy for golf!

Seen below is Esto Fidelis 84 who presented $2,000 toward the annual Prize-Giving.

'81-85 Aotearoa' below have also contributed towards our annual Prize-Giving.


Our heartfelt gratitude to all the Apifo'ou Family, here and abroad for your generous support to our beloved college in one form or another. We also heartily acknowledge your prayers for our students in this time of exams.

Viva AFC!


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