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College Updates: Weeks 1-2, Term 1

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

At the college assembly this morning we stood in silence in honor of our fallen comrades and ex-students, especially the late Mr. Pita Soakimi.

New Academic Year 2020:

This is the second week of school and it's certainly not the start that I had anticipated! With the late kick-off of the constructions of the 7 new classrooms, we had to put up temporary classrooms (tents) to accommodate a few classes.

The registrations and enrollment are still ongoing even though normal classes have begun. We anticipate a decrease in the school roll this year. That we have not been able to reconstruct the Science Labs in time, many of our senior students have opted to enroll in other schools especially Tonga High School and Tonga College. I suppose we cannot blame them as it's almost two years now with only one lab functioning.

Ongoing Construction Works:

The CaBella contractors continue with the building of the 7 new classrooms. The wet weather in the past few weeks has slowed down the work but they're picking up pace now.

The Leo Contractors who've started the reconstruction works of our Science Labs had to be called off since there were no funds available. This was most unfortunate as the contract was signed already between them and AFC. Initially, Toutaimana was going to lend us the funds which was agreed upon in principle. Now we have to search for funds elsewhere so that they resume this urgent work.

Sosefo Kulanoa & Papiloa Bloomfield Foliaki Scholarship:

There was a simple yet significant occasion yesterday as Mrs. Papiloa Folaki and Mr. Sosefo Tui Kulanoa presented a full year's fees for 6 students. It'll increase to ten next year according to the two families. We're eternally grateful to Mr. Fetuani Kula and family for this scholarship which is a token of appreciation to Papiloa and family since he was a recipient of a scholarship funded by the late Dr. Supileo Foliaki and family.

Sports Preparations:

Since the holidays, a few of the core athletes have started training and now more athletes have joined the elite group. We're preparing for the Inter-House Sports next week.

May I take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to our ex-students' Executives and members in the USA for their donation of USD 3,000 toward sports this year. This was the result of a discussion with them last year as we attempt to lift the standards of the college in every sphere of education. Fakamalo lahi atu Francis, Rodney, 'Anau & Team USA!

New Members of the Faculty:

We have two new male teachers from Fiji joining us this year taking Physics & Math. We also have a former Head Girl of St. Mary's from the 70's, Mrs. Vai'ufia Afeaki Takau, joining us. Welcome back!

Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

Viva AFC!


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