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College Updates: Weeks 3-5, Term 4

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

The Final Exams for the Forms 5's and 6's have started this week. The rest will follow next week. Then they'll have a week of study-break before embarking on the Public Exams the week after, beginning on the 5th of November. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to parishes who helped out with the feeding of the exam students during the 3 weeks of afternoon study.

As mentioned in the last update, the college took part in the National Cheering Competitions for the Ikale Tahi. Well, the Digicel Group came to the college to announce that AFC won 1st prize, much to the excitement of the students. While the $1,000 prize money is important, I find more fulfillment in seeing that our staff and students are both convinced they can succeed whenever they work collaboratively.

The college has its fair share of painful moments when loved ones pass away. The sudden passing in Australia of the late Kalolo Kue'a, a parent, former student and deputy HB in 1992, has struck us at a critical time. The deceased has children here at AFC and it was only fitting that we take our Brass Band to honor him. RIP Kalolo.

There were excitement and joy in the air yesterday as His Eminence, Cardinal Paini Mafi, led his Alumni 72/73 to the college and handed over the brand new Toyota 3-tonne truck to help with the upkeep of the school. Cardinal Mafi conducted a brief paraliturgy which included the blessing of the donated truck with holy water.

Our heartfelt gratitude to His Eminence, Tupou, Maxie, 'Aleki, To'oa, Makalita, and the rest of the group both locally and beyond, for this wonderful gesture of support. I'm aware that Fr. Aisake initiated and submitted the first request a couple of years back but gladly it has become a reality.

Afterwards, the Principal was privileged to drive the truck with a load-full of students around the school premises! However, the only driver tasked with driving the new vehicle is our lead maintenance man, Mr. PIla Havili. No other hands are allowed to touch the wheel, including the principal!

Please keep our students in your prayers.

Viva AFC!


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