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College Updates: Weeks 5&6-Term2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

I’m delighted to be back here at 'Api Fo'ou. The two weeks away were enjoyable even though half of my heart remained here at the college.

However, I was glad that I was able to go and bury our cousin, the late Mr. Taniela Kuti Kaufusi, who is married to my aunt, Mrs. Pelenatita Tavo Kaufusi. An added purpose of my trip to Bundaberg, Queensland was to thank in person the Mayor Mr. Dempsey, the Principal of Shalom Catholic College, Mr. McMahon, and the people of Bunderberg for donating $40,000 which helped complete our new Dental Clinic.

The focus this week is the ongoing coverage of the syllabus and also revision for the upcoming Second Assessment.

St. Mary’s Campus

The St. Mary's Campus has been transformed into colourful and healthy-looking classrooms, thanks to the coordinated efforts led by their Dean, Sr. 'Akanesi Liongi SMSM. A Team of Inspectors led by Sr. Telesia Kauhalaniua SMSM inspected the efforts of the teachers and students and the special awards will be announced in the assembly next Tuesday.

Newly-tiled Classroom

The Form 1M is enjoying their newly-tiled floor thanks to the collective efforts of the parents, teachers, and ex-students. Led by Mr. Silo Tahi, a board member, they carried out this wonderful project last week. They did the fundraising themselves and also the work. Perhaps the other Forms will be inspired to do the same!

The Inspection Team

As shown below, the team was led by Sr. Telesia Kauhalaniua SMSM.

Dental Clinic

The Kilisitina Pome’e Fatu Dentistry will be officially opened next Friday. As seen below, the project is shaping up really well thanks to the TVET staff and students for playing the leading role. The Alumni Group led by Mrs. Malialita Mateo and fellow ex-students helped with the cleaning-up outside the clinic. Malo e tokoni.

MoE Drinking Bottles

The Ministry of Education continues to support the schools in Tonga during this COVID-19 period. Today they donated drinking bottles to the Levels 1 – 4. Malo!

Aussie Ex-Student Executives

I managed to kill a few birds with one stone during my trip to Aussieland, for while there I was able to meet with the newly elected AFC ex-student executives in Queensland: Mikaele Kama, Liufau Sevele, Limapo Hopoate, Soane Siasau, and Tito.

I also had the privilege to meet for the first time with the Executive Members in Sydney: Mr. Dan Loloa, Hingano Chris Kaitapu, Angina Lapa, and Titako. It’s always nice to correspond via emails or Zoom, but it’s extra special to meet face-to-face. Thank you to our Aussie executives for arranging for me to meet you all in person.

I joked to the college today, perhaps it’s good that I go away from time to time! When I’m away the teachers are motivated and free to take the leading roles. The smiling faces of the students convinced me that they are excited to welcome me back! By contrast, the mixed emotions on the faces of our teachers suggested that a few might have preferred me to stay away for another week! Joking aside, thank you one and all for your ongoing love, prayers and support for our beloved college.

Viva AFC!


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Aug 30, 2022

Malo e ngaue. 🥰🥰


'Isilleli Mafi
'Isilleli Mafi
Aug 29, 2022

Welcome Back 'Ekuasi

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