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College Updates: Weeks 5 & 6 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the 6th week of classes for this Term. These updates will also cover last week as I was away in Australia.

In my absence Fr. Valu Siua was holding the fort together with the senior staff members. We also welcome back Mrs. Kaunga Taulua after her stint at St. Bede's College. Apparently, it was a busy trip as she had to cover some of the work experience in Wellington. We're indeed grateful to Mr. McDowall, the Principal of St. Bede's for allowing Kaunga the opportunity to be exposed to a new and more professional educational setting.

The focus this week is twofold. Firstly, the college is preparing for the PTA Day this Saturday. The different Levels are preparing a variety of cultural items for the occasion. Secondly, we're preparing for the 3rd Assessment next week. This is a vital tool prior to the final and external exams next term. The Level 6 students are wrapping up their IA's and necessary Tasks. Meanwhile, the Level 5 students are engaged in Dramas as part of their preparations for their own exams.

Level 4 Tasks

The Level 4 students had their own dramas and cultural items as part of their assessments.

Chemistry Tasks

We're grateful indeed to Faustina Kama as she continues to prepare her Chemistry students for their final assessment. This was their last task as it completes their laboratory experiments.

Home Economics/Design Technology

The Level 6 students who take Design Technology have had to prepare their own Recipe of a favorite dish and then cook it. The final bit would be the recommendations from those who tasted the food. In this case, Fr. Valu and Mr. Fuapau did the honors!

Afternoon & Night Study

We have modified the strategies for the afternoon studies for the exam classes. For the past years we conducted afternoon studies from 4 - 6 pm. We usually prepare light meals for the students and then back to the classrooms. This time round we're focusing on organizing evening study programs at the different Parishes. The PTA Chairperson, Mrs. Malia Lita Fisilau, and her Committee have taken the programs to the village level. There are of course pros and cons arising from it. It's clear that the students are scattered and so some are missing out. The benefit from this is that the students can go home and rest, have a good meal and attend the evening classes from 7 - 9 pm. The other positive aspect is that their safety is guaranteed.

Seen above are the optional classes during the afternoon study. Seen below is Mr. Sione Tausinga conducting the evening study at the St. Joseph's Hall, Ma'ufanga.

Enrichment Program

Ms. Singa Kaifoto faithfully carries on with our Enrichment Program. The students who take part in this intervention exercise are very fortunate. The materials available for them are plenty thanks to the contribution from our generous ex-students overseas.


The female students from the age of 10 to 14 were vaccinated as part of the MOH's strategies to safeguard them from deceases they may face later on in life. We're grateful to their parents who gave their consent to this exercise.

Library Visits

The Librarian, Mrs. Seini Kisina, had special visitors from the Tonga Side School as part of their learning programs. There were 130 students, accompanied by Fr. 'Epeli, who is doing his Practicum at the school.

PTA Day!

The Chairperson of the PTA, Mrs. Malia Lita Fisilau, and her Committee are preparing well for this event on Saturday. They have distributed the Invitation Letters to our Chief Guests and Parish Priests. That's the blessing of having a woman at this post. Malia Lita is creative. Seen here are the green baskets to accompany the invitations!

Australia Trip

I spent 8 days in Australia attending to a family commitment. I celebrated the 1st Anniversary Mass for the late Mr. Taniela Kuti Kaufusi at Bundaberg. This family and the people there have special ties to Apifo'ou as they donated funds towards our Dental Clinic. It was another opportunity to acknowledge their generosity. Another blessing was the donation of a Trumpet Fontaine as part of the Pledge Campaign to buy band instruments for the college. This was donated by the Kaufusi family in memory of Mr. Soane Patita 'Ekuasi Tavo, a contemporary of Sir Sofele Kakala at AFC.

Queensland Ex-students

I had the pleasure of meeting with the President and some of the Executive Committee Members of our ex-students in Brisbane. I was very happy to catch up with a former teacher, Mr. Soakai Afeaki, and he still looks quite well.

Seen above are the the Executive Members and AFC ex-students in Brisbane. Seen below are ex-students Kesomi, Lieta, Vuni, and Sia.

Another blessing in this short trip is the chance I had to be there for the wake prior to the burial of an ex-student, former teacher, and my brother-in-law, the late Finau Maletino Mataele. I felt blessed that I was there to represent the college & the family.

Rest in the eternal peace of Christ, Finau. Seen below is myself and the Tongan Chaplain in Australia, Fr. 'Ita Koloamatangi, during the Funeral Mass.

It was also great to catch up with Fr. 'Aliki Langi and the ex-students in Sydney.

Sick Ex-Students

I was invited to the Po Hiva at the Kauvai Parish in honor of the Assumption of Our Lady. However, on the way there I managed to visit an old friend, ex-student, and fellow colleague, Mr. 'Aleki Vaka'uta. I was shocked to learn that he had a stroke. I was happy to be able to anoint him followed by a brief reminiscing of the fun old days!!

Please continue to pray for our sick ex-students that readily come to mind: Fr. Pauli, Telekihi Hau, and 'Aleki Vaka'uta, as well as those that might be known to you.


Please accept our sincere gratitude for all the prayers and support for our beloved school. Special thanks go out to our Frs. 'Ita & Silito, the ex-students in Brisbane and Sydney for your love and support for the college and for myself.

May Mary our Mother continue to intercede for the Apifo'ou Family.

Viva AFC!


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