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College Updates: Wks 7 & 8 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the last week of the Final Exams. The teachers and students have been urged to stay focus and composed until the last Paper on Friday. There's excitement among the Level 5 students as they sit Common Paper Exams with all the other Secondary Schools within the Catholic Education System. The idea came about as the MoE announced that they have terminated the Form 5 Public Exams. The Catholic Education Office together with all the Principals agreed to have these common exam papers to maintain a high standard prior to promotion to Level 6 next year. These photos have been taken from different levels during the exams.

In order to uphold the level of professionalism in the exam rooms, teachers have been urged to stay vigilant throughout the duration of each exam.

SET Project - Laptops

Much to the delight of the college, the MoE has distributed Laptops to all the schools in Tonga as part of the SET Project. This initiative is funded by the World Bank to help families who struggle financially to cater for the educational needs of their children. Hence these 30 Laptops will be available for loan by the recipients of the project. They made it clear that these items are for students only! Certainly, next year looks promising as apart from these 30 Laptops, the school bought 11 new ones for each Department. We also have 30+ students who bought their own from the MoE Laptops Scheme. Furthermore, we still have the 14 iPads donated by our Volunteer Program. Malo lahi e 'ofa and as the saying goes, the bigger the merrier!

Hall Repairs

Recently, there has been a hype of activities at the Bp. Patelisio Finau & Knight Sofele Kakala Hall. However, due to the ongoing heavy downpours there was a need to repair patches on the roof and ceiling. Thankfully, the Fletcher & Co have provided the scaffolds which enable our Maintenance Crew to carry out the repairs this week. The Team is led by Pila Havili and supported by Siale Katoa and Mavae Misinale. Those of you who know these three, you would know who has to climb the scaffold!

Ex-students Visit

It's always heartening to see ex-students visiting the college. It was a real joy to meet up with Mr. Saia Leha'uli, a member of the Executive Team in the US. He was welcomed in the Fijian way with a sevusevu! Another surprise visit was from the daughter of Mr. Hingano Kaitapu, the Executive Secretary from NSW, Australia. She told me that she'll come to study at 'Apifo'ou!

Agriculture Project

Due to the prolonged rain over the past week we had to resort to chemicals as the weeds keep on growing. Luckily, we have a Team in the village that look after our plantation. As mentioned earlier, doing my bit every Saturday is a hobby which keeps me fit! The day usually ends up with a tanoa at home and what better way to end the day! It's called in Fijian 'wai ni qusi buno', water to dry the sweat!

Mr. Laimoto Sakalia & Mr. Venasio Tupola (RIP)

Last week was a sad one for the Apifo'ou Family. We buried Laimoto on Tuesday and Vena on Friday. Both gentlemen have been Apifo'ou through and through to the bones! May they rest in the eternal Peace of Christ! The late Laimoto was the former President of the Lalo Kasia Club at Apifo'ou.

Seen above and below, the Marist Rugby Team fulfilled their duties of honour and respect for the late Laimoto Sakalia.

Seen here below are pictures from the final farewell for Mr. Venasio Tupola. RIP.


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for your consistent prayers and support for our beloved college.

Viva AFC!


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