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College Updates: Weeks 7 & 8 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

There were lots of movements in these past two weeks! While the focus was on Assessment 3, a few of the teachers and students were involved in the official visitations to the Leaders of the various Churches on Tongatapu and 'Eua.

The Executive Committee members plus a few teachers and students visited the President of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, Free Church of Tonga, Tonga Hou'eiki, and the LDS Church..

The main purpose was to present the Letter of Request from the President of the Executive Committee and ex-students of Apifo'ou College for assistance with the fund raising drive for the New Chapel. This letter was endorsed and signed by His Eminence, Cardinal Paini Mafi. This might be the first time we employ the strategies utilized by Tonga High School and 'Atele.

The contingent was led by the Vicar General, Mon. Lutoviko Finau, accompanied by a few ex-students, teachers and students. They were received courteously by the respective Church Leaders which was very heartwarming!

Seen here are the contingent meeting with the President of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, the Most Rev. Tevita Koloa'ia Havea.

Seen above and below are the contingent with the leaders of the two Churches of Tonga (Tonga Tau'ataina & Tonga Hou'eiki).

Seen above and below are the contingent engaging with the leaders of the various Churches. We're indeed grateful to the District Officer for Kolofo'ou, Mr. 'Alotaisi Takau, who volunteered to be part of the Fund Raising Committee. Malo lahi e fie tokoni!

'Eua Trip

This trip was initially planned for the Executive Committee members to visit the ex-students in 'Eua. During the dialogue with the various Presidents, they advised that it would be a grand idea if we can visit the respective Senior Pastors on the island. Fortunately, the AFC Ex-students in 'Eua had prepared traditional gifts which consist of a pig, 10 giant taros, and 10kg of kava, for each Church leader on the island. Evidently, this smart gesture added further sparks to the proposed fundraising drive.

Well, we traveled to 'Eua on the newest boat in Tonga, MV Malau, and it's like flying on the newest Fiji Airways plane, Airbus A350. We counted the number of Humpback whales that came to greet us on the way and back, and there were about 30.

Seen above are the ex-students at 'Esia, Eua mingling with the Team. Seen below is the Wesleyan Pastor of Petani sharing bowls of kava with the Team.

Seen above is the President of the Free Church of Tonga, while shown below is the Chief Pastor of the Wesleyan Church in 'Eua.

Seen below are some local tourists getting ready to board the MV Malau.

Seen above is the President of the LDS Church in 'Eua. Seen below is the 'Eua Team led by the Parish Priest, Fr. Tomasi Lakalaka.

Various activities currently going on at the college

This week we wrapped up Assessment 3. The focus now is trying to complete the coverage of the syllabus for some classes while others have begun the remedial and revision classes. On this topic of remedial, the World Bank funded a Team to visit the schools in Tonga and conduct a survey on the different activities tailored for this purpose.

Seen above are the two officers facilitating the Survey, Ms. Danielle Perfect and Ms. Salote Samate.

Seen here are the teachers and selected students who took part in the exercise.

Ms. Kuilei Tu'inukuafe

A special visitor to the college last week was our very own, Ms. Kuilei Tu'inukuafe who works with the Ministry of Education in New Zealand. It was heartwarming to have people who do reserve a special place in their heart of hearts for 'Apifo'ou!


There was a special session with local agents who work with ABC News in Australia. They recorded footage and interviews to put together a Documentary on the enormous amount of assistance from our ex-students, both at home and abroad. Once this is released we'll be able to view it. The project was facilitated by our very own ex-student, Ms. Alice Lolohea, the beloved daughter of our Volunteer Coordinators from Melbourne, Fonomanu & 'Unaloto.

Under 16 Soccer Girls

Three of our students in the Under 16 Soccer girls: Lineni Kutu, Crystal Sime, and Malia 'i Fatima Moeaki will be part of the National Soccer Team that will tour New Zealand and will only return in the last week of this month.

The mothers of the girls were in tears when we offered $200 each for their pocket money. That monetary donation may not amount to much, but it was important to convey, however small, the school's care for our students in their various endeavors.

UNDP Solve for Tomorrow!

Two officials from the UNDP Suva Office were in the country to promote their campaign against the Plastic Pollution and Climate Change. The schools are to engage in various activities such as Creative Arts, Paintings, Songs, etc. The prizes are lucrative, USD $3,000 and more!

PTA Day Pictorials

Mr. Telekihi Hau (RIP)

Thank you very much for all your prayers for our brother, Telekihi. He fought hard with his chronic illness but he eventually succumbed to it on Sunday. Farewell brother and rest in the eternal peace of Christ.


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for all your prayers and support for our beloved college.

Please note that I'll be away for roughly 3 weeks as I've been selected to manage the National Under 18 Rugby Team on a Tour of Australia and we'll be leaving next Tuesday. In my absence, Fr. Valu Siua and the senior staff will hold the fort, aided no doubt by the school's Perpetual Principal whose intercession I will implore for you all.

Viva AFC!


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