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College Updates: Wk 7 - Term 1


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is week 7 of Term 1.

~ Internal Assessment or Verification Visit: I begin this week the assessment of the Teachers' Workbooks, Lesson Plans, and Exercise Books of students. This is the first wave of appraisals to ensure that the students' works are well aligned with those of the teachers. This exercise will be conducted each Term as an ongoing assessment of the classrooms' operations at the college. As a matter of fact, this is a key strategy to harness learning outcomes of students.

~ Field Trips: The Agricultural Science students in Forms 5 & 6 took two separate trips to the East and West to study the land profiles of each area. Judging from the smiling faces of the students (photo 004) there's always a sense of excitement when the learning is done outdoors, and especially riding on the school bus!

Photo 004

~ Bishop's Visit: The members of the faculty today were blessed with a courtesy call from His Eminence, Cardinal Mafi (photo 022). This was to fulfill a request from the Diocese Catholic Board of Education for His Eminence to visit our Catholic schools. In his brief address, the Bishop affirmed, challenged, and encouraged the teachers of the college to dedicate themselves to the call to serve at the vineyard of the Lord.

Photo 022

His Eminence borrowed 4 key values from Fratelli Tutti to highlight the demands of the Holy Father to emphasize healthy relationship and companionship: Encounter, Humility, Tenderness, and Forgiveness. Indeed the teachers will make a difference in their role if they arm themselves with those virtues.

St. Mary's Chapel:

There's excitement at the college, especially the St. Mary's campus as the small chapel is almost complete. Photos 010 & 014 show the commander, Mrs. Vai'ufia Afeaki Takau guiding the students for the final touches. The altar inside was constructed by the TVET staff and students. I've informed His Eminence that once the chapel is complete, it will be re-consecrated and can be used for Masses.

Photo 010

Photo 014

Apifo'ou Marist Rugby Club:

Last night at the college Hall we had the AGM for the Marist Apifo'ou Rugby Club. There was a good turnout as managers, coaches, players, ex-students and supporters gathered to select new Office Bearers. You can see from photos 016 & 018 the newly elected office bearers and supporters after the meeting. Now the Marist Apifo'ou Rugby Club is ready to take on the challenges of this year's rugby season which will begin by defending the trophy in the Kolomotu'a 7's next month.

Photo 016

Photo 018

Road Upgrades:

I had a chance to meet with the Road Supervisor and the latest information regarding this project are as follows:

* the work will begin on the 5th of April as the college will be on a break for 1 week

* the measurement of the roads and calculation of costs for the Tar Seal are also complete. The total metres in length is 1,500 and the width is 3 metres. According to cost per square metre, the overall cost for the tar seal project is around $100,000+.

So there you are, that's the targeted amount. However, some are suggesting that we go for the 4 m instead of 3, the width for the tar seal. That means it'll increase the amount.

However, I'm thinking now, we go ahead with fund raising and collecting whatever we can come up with. Then we can prioritize which parts of the roads to be done first.


On behalf of the college, may I extend to you all our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and prayers for our beloved Alma Mater!

Viva AFC!


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