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College Updates: Wk 1 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This week is the beginning of Term 2 for the college. We welcome back our staff and students to resume our journey for the academic year 2021. The focus this week is coverage of syllabus. Needless to say, this Term is loaded with extra-curricular activities. After the athletics competitions next week, Rugby Netball, Soccer etc will kick off on the 21st of May.

~ The staff and students are being urged to wise-up and take advantage of every bit of time available to focus on their study.

Final Preps for the Athletics' comp:

Photos 005 & 007, show the Squad wrapping up their training. Meanwhile, the rest of the school are also putting final touches into their cheering skills! There are few competitions during the athletics' meet such as Zumba, Tik-tok, Jingle, and actual cheering comp.

Photo 005

Photo 007

Photo 023 shows the two reps representing the 94/95 Alumni Group presenting items such as plaster, sprays, honey, chocolate, etc. These will help with tuning up of the athletes in-between events next week.

Photo 023

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Lupe Mo'onia Likiliki and her alumni group for the kind gesture of support.

Meanwhile, we're liaising closely with the Broker to get all the shipping documents and paperwork ready for the release of the sports' uniforms for our athletes. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get them on Monday prior to the commencement of the competitions on Tuesday.

Once again we thank all our Ex-students from overseas for the collective efforts to get all the sports' items. Our special acknowledgment for the Executives in Auckland for orchestrating the project.

St. Vincent de Paul:

Photo 020 shows the Executives of the St. Vincent de Paul in Tonga, handing over furniture to the college. These desks and chairs, plus some sofa and couches.

Photo 020

Our heartfelt gratitude to the St. Vincent de Paul in New Zealand for this timely contribution.

5 Years Master Plan:

The second round of consultation for the 5 Years Master Plan continues. The teachers at the college had the opportunity on Tuesday to be guided by Dr. Alisi Kautoke Holani (photo 003). The Master Plan Team (MPT) were at Ma'ufanga last night. And tonight we'll be at Houma Parish.

Photo 003

It's heartening to witness the active participation of ex-students in the formation of the 1st Draft of the Plan. The Team will have an audience with His Eminence on the 27th of this month. The Master Plan will be tabled at the AGM on the 1st of July before the final endorsement by Bishop.


On behalf of the Apifo'ou Family I'd like to extend to you all our sincere gratitude for all the support for our athletes. They're ready to run the AFC Flag during the four days of competition. May I invite our ex-students to come and cheer for our athletes.

The four days events will be livestreamed by the Letio Apifo'ou Tonga so you can watch and cheer from wherever you are!

Viva AFC!


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