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College Updates: Wks 7-10, Term 1

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family,

Please find in the attachments the Strategic Plans for the college for 2019 - 2021. The Annual Operational Plan (AOP) was disseminated earlier. Hard copies have been delivered to the Bishop's Office, Director of Catholic Education, and MoE.

These last few weeks of Term 1 have been pretty hectic. Apart from normal activities such as Cadet Training and athletics training of the squad, the whole student body was engaged in exams. This is the first time that we conducted Common Assessment Tests for all Forms which would make up 20-30% and the rest will be completed in the Mid-Year exams. This common test will serve as a yardstick to measure how much the students have digested and understood so far in the first 10 weeks of classes. It'll also determine the areas that the students need to focus more on and corresponding intervention activities.

A former scholar of the college, Mr. Neti Cook, now a professional who works with Drug Units in Australia and NZ, campaigning against the use and abuse of substances. paid a courtesy visit with officers from the Tonga Police Force. It's vital that students and young people are well informed as to the effects of drugs and other associated social issues.

Last week, AFC was the first school in Tonga to receive the Sri Chinmoy Peace Torch when it arrived from Samoa.

There were smiles among the faces of the Form 7 computer students as we were able to have WIFI, thus enabling them to work more effectively in the lab. Indeed, it does make a big difference to the work of their computer expert, Mr. Maletino Hola.

The athletic squad of about 90 students will continue their training under the professional scrutiny of our Team of coaches plus a few prominent ex-students. Each day a group of students would form a cheering mob and show their support to the squad.

Last but not least, the Strategic Plans for the college for the next 3 years are attached for your perusal. Please feel free to make comments where you see fit. The plans may not be in great detail but they provide clear guidelines for the operations of the college for the next 3 years. All the operations and activities are funneled through to improve the learning outcomes of students.

On behalf of all of us here at AFC, may I wish you all and your respective families and communities a grace-filled Holy Week celebrations.

Happy Easter in advance and Viva AFC!


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