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Construction Updates # 2

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family and belated Happy New Year to you all!

The CaBella constructors are back in action today as they continue with the construction of the 7 new classrooms. As mentioned in the first update, two new classrooms each flanking the St. Mary's admin block, and 3 new ones replacing the old Computer Block facing the tennis court are being built.

According to the signed contracts with CaBella, the construction works will be completed within 120 days. However, with the recent heavy rain and gusty winds brought on by tropical cyclone Serai, these works have somewhat been delayed. This present fine weather is much appreciated!

The planned reconstruction works to the Science Labs are yet to start since some final paper works are still in the final process. Hopefully, that project will be off the ground soon.

The office was buzzing today as we begin the enrollment and registration for the new academic year. Lots of parents returned happily after being able to enroll their children. Some parents left my office sadly and in tears since they weren't able to enroll theirs because they have put 'Apifo'ou College as their second choice! We take in first those students who put down AFC as their first choice. Those parents are being informed to try again next week once we sort out the first-choice students.

Viva AFC!


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