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Construction Updates # 3

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Progress on the construction works has been tampered by the two recent

cyclones Serai and Tino even though they didn't cause further damages

to the existing buildings. They only caused delays to the work due to

to heavy downpour and gusty winds. However, the Ca'Bella group managed

to cement the foundation last week and likely the floor will follow

suit soon.

The reconstruction works to the Science Labs are making progress as the

Leo Group continues with their work this week. Part of the difficult

tasks that they'll do will be the elevation of the floors for the

three labs to prevent flooding caused by heavy rains.

We keep our fingers crossed that there'll be no further disruptions to the ongoing

construction works so that we're on track to complete the work on the

designated date of May 5th according to the contract.

This week is Planning Week for all Catholic Schools. We had a

wonderful session with the Bishop yesterday at the Basilica as he

highlights and emphasizes the Global Trends that have had adverse

effects on our families and Catholic education.

Our Secondary Schools were informed that last year's external exams

results were relatively poor: 19% pass rate for Form 6 and 15% for

Form 5. You may have learnt from Social Media that all of

Tonga's secondary schools may have suffered perhaps their lowest results:

overall 38% for Form 6 and 27% for Form 5.

Subsequently, at this Planning Week we'll be doing diagnostic drills

to ensure that we can cope with all the challenges that confront our

education system. As rugby coaches often remark, we'll go back to the

drawing board and collectively see how we can redeem ourselves!

Please pray for our Catholic Schools as we begin the journey for the

Academic Year 2020.

Viva AFC!


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