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Construction Updates: Day 15 - 17

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family!

The New Year has dawned! Yet some of us are still wrapping things up from 2018. Others I suppose are focusing on the journey ahead and have thus begun preliminary preparations.

Here at the college, the construction works of the 4 buildings are ongoing. We have roughly 2 weeks to complete them. The support so far has been overwhelming. The Nuku'alofa parishioners, led by the VG Mon. Lutoviko Finau, flanked by the Pulengaue & Tauhi Lahi, 'Ata'ata Topui and Kue'a 'Apikotoa continued on Monday where Ma'ufanga left off. Despite the rain and wind, there was 'No retreat, No surrender' for the men from the capital. Malo e 'ofa mo e tokoni ki hotau 'apiako.

You might recall in one of my previous updates and at the Prize-Giving that I mentioned a 'gut-feeling' statement that the exams' results from last year are expected to improve. And indeed the Form 6 results affirmed that! After analyzing the results 65 passed (a pass in English plus the top 3 subjects) out of the 120 that sat for the exams. My greatest joy was noticing the quality marks of our students. Some marks hit 90 and beyond, even 1 got 90 for English! I take comfort in knowing that this endorses what I've been bombarding the teachers since I started in August. Once we elevate the professional standards of our service, there will be a guaranteed improvement in the outcomes for the students. It also means that the afternoon studies and enforcing of IA's were pivotal in the process.

We await the results of the Form 5's.

Viva AFC!


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