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Construction Updates: Day 2 - 3

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC family!

Day 2 saw the PP of Hihifo, Fr. Taniela 'Enosi (1st 2 photos and in yellow T-shirt) led his parishioners in digging the foundations for the 4 buildings.

Day 3 (today) saw the parishioners of Kauvai cementing the posts and laying of bricks. Their PP Fr. Chris Hifo sm later came to check on his men and gave them a pep talk!

There seems to be an amicable spirit pervading the building sites as they all believe that their sweats and blood will bear fruit into joy and peace come 28th of January when the new academic year begins. It'll be written all over the faces of the students once they see the newly completed buildings!

Heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support!

Viva AFC!


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