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Construction Updates: Day 4 - 5

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC family!

Yesterday Fr. Lolesio and the Pulengaue Mr. Silo of Pea parish led the laying of bricks for the foundation of the 2nd classroom. That completes the fakava'e for the 2 classrooms.

Today, it's only our TVET crew led by Fr. Lutoviko 'Olie. They're preparing everything (cement, gravels, sand, steel, etc. so that next week we'll focus on the 2 Toilet blocks. The Houma parish & their commander Fr. Paulo have volunteered to come next Tuesday to do the floor of the toilet blocks.

All is progressing well thanks to the generosity of our beloved parishioners, not to mention that they had to bring their own food and drinks.

The Office crew breaks today from our registration but I'll continue to man the office in case some people may still come for enrollment.

Viva AFC!


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