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Construction Updates: Day 8 - 10

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC family!

Despite the bad weather we've managed to complete the foundations for the 4 buildings. The two toilet blocks were completed yesterday with the generous contributions of the Houma Parish led by their PP Fr. Paulo and assistant, Fr. 'Aleki. It's heartening to see visiting Priests drop by and give the workers a morale boost. Fr. Lutoviko Manu sm, appointed to work next year at St. John's College, Cawaci, Fiji, visited the building site yesterday.

We'll break today and enjoy the weekend with the few days of Christmas then resume work on the 27th of December. We keep in mind our target to complete these 4 buildings before the new academic year commences on the 28th of Jan.

On behalf of us all here at AFC I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and may good fortunes and prosperity befall your paths at the dawn of the New Year 2019!

Viva AFC!


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