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Fundraising for Prize-Giving Prizes

Dear Monsignor Lutoviko Finau and ex-students of 'Apifo'ou College,

Greetings from the lalo kasia of our beloved school 'Apifo'ou College!

Every year the staffs at the college organize a fundraising drive to get funds for the prizes at the end of the year. I just found out that they normally hold a 'Kalapu Kavatonga Nite'! While it has been successful in previous years, the recent ones proved to be overburdening at least for the teachers! The prices of kava are sky-rocketing and thus these fundraising events may end up with very low incomes!

I've proposed to my staffs that we'll stage a school's concert after the external exams prior to the Prize Giving event. We'll showcase the talents of our students in traditional dances, music, oratory, poetry, etc. The school's brass-band and choir will feature saliently as they will provide the interludes in-between items. Tickets will be sold at $5 for adults and $2 for children. There's no need for a venue in town as our schools hall would be ideal.

However, this request is directed towards our ex-students, both of St. John and St. Mary. If any individual or a group (alumni) would like to sponsor prizes we would be eternally grateful. For EG, if any of our top scholars in universities or any tertiary institutions would like to sponsor prizes for Maths, Science, S/Science, Accounting & Economics, and even Religious Edu, their names will be announced on the actual event. This is a win-win arrangement as your names and affiliations will be acknowledged.

If there's a need for more clarifications I'd be more than happy to comply. Please circulate this among our ex-students.

All is well at the school and more news will feature in the next update.

Have a blessed weekend!


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