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Holiday Updates


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

Holiday Classes

We're indeed grateful to the teachers and students who have been committed to the organized classes during these two weeks of break. It's heartening to see the collective efforts by the staff and students to work on their IA's and push ahead with their coverage.

Seen here are the Form 6 students getting ready to conduct the presentation of traditional 'fakatu'uta' of koloa as part of their Internal Assessment. They look smart indeed in their traditional attire!


As mentioned in the earlier updates, the sports competitions continue throughout the two weeks break. The Netball competition was put on halt during the break. The soccer competitions continue and our various soccer Teams are doing very well. The rugby Teams continue to acquire mix results from their outings last week. The Grade 2A is the only Team that is consistent with winning. Seen here in the photo is Vena Tupola, Team Manager. The coaches are Pofele Bourke & Salesi Tula.

Senior 1XV 'Eua Trip

The highlight from last week was the trip of our 1XV Rugby Team across to 'Eua to play against 'Eua High School. The boys put on a gallant performance in front of a vocal 'Eua supporters. The boys were forewarned that EHS don't follow the rules of U18 and their only focus was to win. Obviously, they had a few overage boys in their team but our boys stood their ground. In the end we won 25 - 14.

The Hon. Minister for Education who was Chief Guest at the occasion decided to be part of the souvenir photo!

A unique feature that added flavour to the tour of 'Eua was the invitations for meals at the Annual Conference of the Wesleyan Church which was held there last week!

Our host Fr. Paea Vainikolo was very generous. The Principal of EHS who is an ex-student of AFC, was equally kind to us and well supported by the ex-students and parishioners. Fakamalo atu Fr. Paea mo 'Oto'ota e 'ofa lahi ki he fanau ako.

Since we were stranded there over the weekend we took advantage of the opportunity and trained the boys at the steep slope of Tufu road. All the coaches and managers plus the Technical Advisor joined the training session.

Brass Band

The Brass Band with their master, Sitani Kisina, are preparing for the Block Party this evening as part of the Uike Heilala organised by the Tourism Department.

Alumni Groups Reaching Out

It has been very affirming to see different Alumni Groups coming on board to help with the feeding of the various Sporting Teams.

Grade 2 is looked after by Mrs. Bourke and her former classmates which was highlighted in earlier updates.

Different Alumni Groups donate in general for all the Teams. Seen here are two groups bringing foodstuff etc. to the college. Below are Mr. & Mrs. Pasoni with their group (87 - 96) on their visit to the college.

Yesterday, the Alumni 89 brought root crops, veges and greens, plus boxes of chicken, beef, and mutton.


This week a pleasant surprise arrived at the college. A container filled with desks, chairs, whiteboards, etc. were donated by a Prayer Group in NZ headed by a Fijian! Perhaps they still remember me!


We extend our heartfelt condolences to Isapela Hopoi and the family for the passing of their beloved Dad, Malietau Hopoi, also known as Pilikimi He Lotu. The school. Marist Club, and Ex-students were all represented on Wednesday evening at the Mass. We had collected some money and it was offered to the widow and the family as a token of our love for this die-hard Apifo'ou Family. RIP Pilikimi.


As we prepare to resume classes next week for the beginning of Term 3, I extend to you, once again, our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support.

We definitely need your prayers today as our 1XV take on the might of Toloa and I'm positive that our boys are ready to do battle and maybe even come out victorious!

Viva AFC!


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