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Holiday Updates!


Greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the first week of the Mid-Year Break. As mentioned in the previous updates, some activities are ongoing, such as the various sporting events. Some organised classes for the senior Forms are also continuing.

'Apifo'ou College played a key role in this year's Heilala Festival as the Beauty Pageant Contest was held at the Bishop Patelisio & Knight Sofele Kakala Hall. The college Brass Band and Choir have been busy with various activities during the festival. They participated in the Choral Festival on Sunday and took part in the Float Parade on Tuesday. Even the Principal was coerced to play a role in the program.

Seen above is the official photo of our Brass Band in front of the Admin Block. Seen below is the Choir getting ready to take to the stage at the Choral Festival evening.

Seen here is the College Brass Band parading in style adorned in their new costume along Taufa'ahau Road! Viva AFC!


The school's Sporting Teams had mixed results this week. The highlight of course is the winning streak by our rugby Senior 1XV as they beat Tupou High School 41-31. Apparently, it was a high scoring game as both teams performed to their best. The Grade 4 continued their winning performance against St. Andrews 35-5. The Grades 1, 2, 3, and 5 all lost their games! We haven't got the results for the Netball and Soccer yet, but I was told they did better than the rugby boys!

The Grade 4 rugby Team is the one most supported thanks to the Hihifo Parish.

Eco Care

The Catholic Education System had a very fulfilling day on Thursday with the Team from the University of Christchurch's Eco Care. The Team was led by Dr. Russell and was welcomed at Kaingafo'ou by the Vicar General and the Director of Catholic Education. Three hours were spent in presentations and discussions as to how they can help the various Catholic schools and Technical Institutions.

The meeting was followed by a scrumptious lunch prepared of course by the 'Ahopanilolo Institute, and flavoured by the entertainments from the Fa'onelua Club from Lapaha. The Team was then escorted for a tour of our various institutions. We're very hopeful that all our Catholic schools will benefit from this. We're indeed grateful to Sr. Monika, Sr. Judith, and 'Isitokia for arranging it with Dr. Russell and crew.

Scholarships & Good Samaritans

Two sets of scholarships were presented recently at the college. The Ta'u Koula Lahi Alumni group (1995-2001) generously offered 10 scholarships. Likewise, the St. Mary's Education Grant Fund in Auckland has kindly sent us NZD $1,000 to pay also for scholarships. We're eternally grateful for these kind-hearted individuals and groups who have reached out to our students in need.

'Afoloka Lavaki (RIP) Pictorials

These are some shots from the funeral of our beloved and former Head Boy.

The children of the late 'Afoloka plus the family were very moved with the love and support from the 'Apifo'ou Family in Tonga. The college was proud to honor a fallen son of Mary and her beloved 'Apifo'ou!

Seen below are 'Afoloka's former classmates and friends.

Marist Family Annual Retreat

The Marist Fathers & Sisters will enter into their Annual Retreat tomorrow evening which will end on Friday. As seen below, the Retreat Master is Provincial Council Member, Fr. Lutoviko Manu sm. He's killing a few birds with one stone as he'll visit the Marists in the Tonga Sector. Hopefully, he'll find time to rest before returning to Fiji.

The Retreat Master arrived in Tonga just in time to celebrate his 61st birthday! Many more blessings in the years to come!

The birthday boy was offered many gifts including a 20-year special bottle of wine from the Princess Royal, Salote Pilolevu Tuita, but preferred the Cawaci Brown Label.

Heilala Festival special Photos!

The phrase 'small world' rang true during the Heilala Festival. I happened to meet the current Miss Pacific, Ms Joyce, who hails from PNG. She was thrilled to know that her former school Marianville High run by nuns is neighbor to the Bomana Seminary where I did part of my training. She was amazed to know that her village of Byoto in the Bereina Diocese is where we used to go for the holidays. Small world indeed!

Seen here below are both Miss Pacific and Miss Heilala (incumbent) at the festival.


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and prayers for our beloved college, 'Apifo'ou.

Please pray for our Marist priests and nuns as we enter into our Annual Retreat tomorrow evening. Rest assured of our prayers for you all in this special time spent with the Lord.

Viva AFC!


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