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Prize-Giving 2020


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is the final week for the academic year 2020.

~ Although we had our Prize-Giving last Friday, the school continues this week as we prepare for the official opening of the new classrooms.

~ The opening of the new classrooms will be on the 1st of December which is next Tuesday.

~ The celebration of the 155th anniversary of the college will coincide with the opening of the new classrooms on the same day. The program for the day will be circulated later.

Annual Prize-Giving 2020:

For those of you who were present at the Bishop Patelisio Finau & Sir Sofele Kakala Hall and those who were able to watch the livestream of the event, you may agree that this was a beautiful and much improved occasion from previous years. Photos 001 & 006 show the colorful outfit of the Form 7's and teachers as they prepare for the graduation march.

We've been working hard to improve the quality and standard of the annual event. This year I've been reminding the teachers of the need to promote and maintain integrity in all our professional activities. We'll keep up the efforts in this area.

There were more donors and sponsors this year for the annual event. Some new benefactors have joined the perpetual ones. The Word document below gives a list of people who have been part of the annual event for many years now. You'll also find new donors and sponsors for this year's event.

Download DOCX • 17KB

I'd like to take this opportunity to extend to you all our heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution and support for the college.

On the same token I'd like to extend our sincere apology to Francis Mateo & family, and also to Loite Chiwaya and her alumni group after the announcers failed to mention you all. Kole fakamolemole atu he'emau to nounou.

This week:

The different levels have begun their preparations for the opening of the new classrooms and the school's 155th anniversary.

The photo below captures the relaxing mood of the teachers as they sat around the kava bowl at the end of school today!

Letio Apifo'ou Tonga:

The excitement is in the air within the college as we established a milestone of opening the school's first ever Letio Apifo'ou yesterday.

Today we seek more professional help from another ex-student who works with TCC, Sefo Selui. The photo below shows Sefo, 'Afa, and Ngungutau checking all the connections. Eventually, they'll install a new and separate WIFI connection for the use of the radio station alone.


We continue to sing Mary's Magnificat as we round up another academic year. Despite the challenges faced this year, there have also been multiple blessings!

Fakamalo lahi atu ki he tokoni kehekehe ki he kolisi. 'Oku tau teu atu eni ki he event faka'osi 'o e ta'u ni 'aia ko e huufi 'o e loki ako 'e 10 pea mo hono katoanga'i 'o e ta'u 155 'o e kolisi.

Fakamonu'ia atu e ngaahi Tanaki Tu'unga mo e katoanga Siupeli kotoa pe ki he'etau ngaahi 'apiako Katolika kotoa pe 'i Tonga ni.

Viva AFC!


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