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Special Bulletin - Athletics Squad!


Easter Greetings to Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Special Bulletin!

As the countdown begins before the 97th Intercollegiate Athletic Sports for all the Secondary Schools in Tonga, the Apifo'ou Athletics Squad is quietly going through the final stages of their preparations. The Squad remained in camp throughout the Easter Triduum celebrations and attended all the services at Ma'ufanga. Yesterday they attended the Easter Sunday Mass at the Carmelites Monastery at Fahefa.

As seen below, today they joined the celebration of the Eucharist to mark the 1-Year Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel at the St. Mary's campus. Mr. Raass, widower of the late Mrs. Makasini Paini Raass to whose memory this chapel is dedicated, traveled from USA to be present for the occasion.

After the anniversary Mass, the blessing of the athletes and their new outfit was held at the Hall. It was really wonderful to witness the tireless support from the ex-students who donated the costumes and running track shoes. Yes, our AFC athletes are ready to take on the rest of the secondary schools at Teufaiva Park tomorrow. Seen here are the official Pictorials of our Athletics Squad in front of AFC's oldest building, the 'Fale Peato' which turns 128 years old this year and is still upstanding!

Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel First-Year Anniversary

It was great to welcome Mr. James Raass as he traveled from the USA to attend the ceremony marking the first anniversary of this chapel dedicated to his late wife.


May I take this opportunity to thank all our ex-students who had to dig deep into their pockets to ensure AFC's Athletics Squad & Teachers will be donned out in style throughout the competition. Please also say one Hail Mary for our athletes in their somewhat audacious yet achievable goal of winning the competition this year.

Furthermore, there's a Cheering Competition being organised and sponsored by Digicel and it will be out today on their web page. The most 'liked' school will win first prize. So please log on and support our AFC Cheering Squad!

Happy Easter to you all and Viva AFC!


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Lissi O
Lissi O
Apr 01

All the best with this year's sports AFC Team !

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