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Sports Updates!


Easter Greetings to Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This week has been occupied with the Inter-Collegiate Athletics Competitions. Team AFC did very well indeed, in that they fulfilled all our expectations! The tournament was highly competitive and it was great to witness the good spirit of sportsmanship among the various schools that prevailed throughout the four days of competition.

Seen above are the AFC Team Captains Vitolio Faka'osi and Foliaki Sakopo leading the march. Seen below is Lolesio Sailosi receiving the award for the Best Athlete in the Open Grade from the Crown Prince Tupouto'a.

Standing on the podium to receive their medals is just a bonus. Our athletes were reminded that they were already victors before they started the race!

The supporters of AFC were out in full force and they kept the athletes going all day!

We salute our athletes as they participated with passion and pride! Our athletes' new outfits really stood out throughout the tournament, especially against a sun-lit stadium. Our heartfelt gratitude to all our ex-students who kindly donated them.

Seen here is the final march and salute at the conclusion of this annual event.

Seen above is the top athlete from AFC Lolesio Sailosi with his sister and Head Coach, Taholo Anitoni. Seen below are our most senior and youngest athletes, Siniva and Ane Tali, both of whom won Gold medals in their respective events.

We equally congratulate our sister school, the Takuilau Athletics Squad, as they did well and gave it their best in all the events they participated in.


Our sincere gratitude to you all for the support and prayers for our athletes both before and throughout this annual event. We'll now be enjoying a much needed one-week break before returning on the 13th of April to begin the Second Term.

Viva AFC!


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Well done all AFC sport team for do all of your best💙💙


Lissi O
Lissi O
07 thg 4

Well done AFC Sports Team & sister school Takuilau 💙💚

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